Center for the History of Medicine’s virtual exhibits explore eugenics, birth control, smallpox

first_imgThe Center for the History of Medicine (CHM) at Countway Library recently debuted 17 online exhibits on their new platform that weave together fascinating stories illustrated by materials from the collections.Most of exhibits are linked to specific events—such as the center’s largest undertaking, Battle-Scarred: Caring for the Sick and Wounded of the Civil War, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. This exhibit—two years in the making—was probably the most gratifying for Jack Eckert, public services librarian, who has been the driving force behind many CHM exhibitions.Until recently, CHM’s virtual exhibitions existed as static HTML pages—with no interactivity or option to link to the items mentioned from the collections. Andra Langoussis, a Simmons student and part-time assistant in the center, has been migrating the HTML versions to OnView, the center’s installation of Omeka, an open-source Web-publishing system for libraries, museums, archives, scholarly collections and exhibitions.Seventeen exhibitions are currently available to view on the new site. “OnView is exciting because now individual items are can be discovered through Google,” said Emily Gustainis, head of collection services. The featured exhibitions rotate, so visitors can delve into different topics, and Langoussis continues to add more to the new site.“The holdings we have here are incredibly broad and deep,” Hall said. “These exhibitions offer a way to tease out amazing narratives from the collection and provide access not only to entire collections, but also to individual items within them.”View the Center for the History of Medicine’s exhibitions page here. Read Full Storylast_img read more

Cyber Attacks – Will Your Backup Solution Fail You When You Need it Most?

first_imgIn a matter of days, companies around the world showed incredible agility by moving from a limited remote workforce to a majority of their employees now working from home full time when their industries and work allowed. Because companies needed to act quickly, many established security standards were bypassed or hastily rushed through the process, increasing their exposure to cyber threats. Even the World Health Organization is warning against cyber attacks, citing a five-fold increase. This highlights that if you’re considering a data protection change, cyber recovery should be a key decision criteria that you validate before looking at other features and functionality. If the solution you choose does not allow you to quickly recover from all the different threats, including insider threats, then you could be putting your company at increased risk.The first step is to establish your definition and goals for cyber recovery, depending on your company’s security needs and desired outcomes. In today’s data protection landscape, while it’s great that most vendors can provide strategies and features around cyber recovery, if they can’t help you accomplish your goals, then the solution is unusable. If I were evaluating a cyber recovery solution, I would ask these five questions to help understand which vendor can best support my definition and goals of cyber recovery and help me reach my long-term desired outcome.1. Does the solution maintain a protected copy of data with physical and network isolation – a logical “air gap”?  If so, how is the air gap opened and closed? Without an isolated, logically air-gapped environment, data is vulnerable to threat factors. If the air gap is controlled from production, it’s vulnerable. If the air gap is opened and closed through a firewall or switch, it becomes a point of vulnerability, and the contents of the vault can be fully exposed when data is flowing.Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides a truly immutable, orchestrated, and  automated logical air gap to protect data. The isolated vault components are never accessible from production, and access to the vault target is extremely limited. Some vendors will claim to offer an “air gap” solution because their data is separate from the production network or sent offsite to tape or the cloud. However, these strategies remain fully accessible to bad actors and don’t provide sufficient protection to a wide variety of threat actors, or efficient recovery mechanisms.2. Does your backup software create or have access to the protected copy? Does your backup admin have access to the protected copy?Some offerings in the market have data sets that reside in production and can be accessed by an administrator with appropriate credentials. An insider or advanced threat actor will likely have access to the backup server infrastructure. If that infrastructure includes access to the protected copy, it can be deleted or encrypted. How does this setup protect against a disgruntled employee looking to delete data or a threat actor who has stolen employee credentials from a previous attack?PowerProtect Cyber Recovery has many layers to protect against advanced threat actors, including insiders. The vault itself is physically and logically isolated, and it cannot be accessed unless the person is physically in the vault. The vault also cannot be opened or controlled from the production side, so even an insider cannot gain access without physical access. Furthermore, in keeping with recommended best practices, only CISO-appointed administrators should have physical access to the vault. And this control can be further hardened through processes that – for example – require a second person when the vault is accessed to provide oversight.3. Even if your solution protects data with “immutable” or “locked” storage, how do you protect it from an administrator? Do you require a secure time (NTP) source to protect the immutability? Securing data against unauthorized changes or deletion is a good hardening practice, but it’s limited. While some immutability or locking capabilities are safe from regular users, an administrator can often override them. Vendors may claim that backups can never be changed, but they never say how this magic is performed. What happens if someone pulls drives, formats the appliance, or gains admin credentials?Others are dependent on a time source that relies heavily on a secure Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. NTP is used by many components of the customer’s environment, like VMware, network, storage, and backup. What happens if a cybercriminal or insider compromises that server and moves the NTP date ahead past the lock period? PowerProtect Cyber Recovery not only provides a compliance retention lock capability that is attested to comply with the SEC 17a-4(f)(ii) archival standard but also uses an internal clock to help protect against attacks on an often vulnerable NTP server.4. Do your analytics look at full content or just metadata?Most vendors only take a high-level view of the data and use analytics that looks for obvious signs of corruption based on metadata. Metadata-level corruption is not difficult to detect, and if a solution leverages this kind of analytics only, it will miss changes within the file.PowerProtect Cyber Recovery analytics go well beyond metadata-only solutions.  The solution provides full-content based analytics, analyzing the file metadata, the document metadata, and the full content of the file itself – this is what sets PowerProtect Cyber Recovery apart from other vendors’ limited offerings. This solution uses more advanced capabilities such as the entropy (a measure of randomness) and similarity of the files. For example, a metadata-based analytics solution would not be able to determine that the contents of critical files have been encrypted if the file names have not been changed.For added security, the analytics operates inside the vault, where an attacker cannot compromise them.  This also provides the ability to enable a more efficient recovery after an attack. Competing analytics solutions simply don’t offer this level of intelligence or security. If they determine a file is suspicious based on their metadata scan, to do a full analysis, they must then send the entire file offsite to a cloud provider, where a second pass on the file can be performed. During a ransomware scenario where minutes count, this is a problematic strategy. Similarly, in a large-scale attack, network access could be destroyed or intentionally shut down, so it may not be possible to send the file(s) or obtain the results. Knowing which files have been compromised and which are safe to recover is critical knowledge before recovering data back into production environments.5. Does your solution rely on a hidden share or view?This is a strategy that looks better on a marketing one-pager than in the data center. Even if the data sets are “hidden,” they are still accessible to administrators. What’s stopping an insider threat from deleting these “hidden” data sets?With PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, IT or Backup administrators can’t access or override security credentials or retention policies in the vault.  You can rest assured knowing that you’re protected just as much from insider threats as from external ones.Hopefully, thinking through these five questions and asking the vendors you’re evaluating how they handle these scenarios will help you make an informed Cyber Recovery decision that meets your company goals.If you are interested in learning more about PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, click here.Additionally, if you would like more information on how Dell EMC Data Protection and Sheltered Harbor are protecting financial institutions, please register here for a webinar on Thursday, May 28th.last_img read more

Early admits visit campus

first_imgSome of Notre Dame’s early admission applicants arrived on campus Saturday as part of Notre Dame’s 13th Reilly Weekend, a visitation program for the top 1 percent of prospective students.Junior Adam Farchone, who is part of the student planning committee for the event, said the weekend aims to show prospective students the character of Notre Dame. The weekend’s events — which included a stadium tour, a visit to the Center for the Homeless in South Bend and a group mass — gave participants a feel for everything the University has to offer, he said. Participants will be able to attend University classes today.“Reilly, as it stands, is a visitation weekend for students in the top 1 percent of the application pool from Notre Dame,” he said. “But this year, it’s really been expanded to just beyond the top 1 percent academically.”Although the program has not changed much over the years, Farchone said the criteria for accepted students has been more holistic this year than it has been in the past.“While all the students that are attending Reilly will have stellar grade point averages, additionally there is an unprecedented focus [this year] on community engagement as well as extracurriculars in school,” he said. “… So while it’s still the top 1 percent of the application pool, it’s more of a holistic view of the applicants, whereas in previous years it had been almost entirely based on academic involvement.”Freshman and committee member Rachel Warne said Reilly Weekend gives high school seniors, who are choosing between a handful of great schools, the opportunity to see Notre Dame as an attending student would.“I think that [Reilly Weekend] is an experience of Notre Dame you wouldn’t get to have if you just come visit and go on a tour and kind of walk around campus,” she said. “It’s kind of like the full experience.“You really get to see a lot more than you would get to experience if you came with your parents for one day as part of a bigger college tour. So, it’s nice because they get to have this deeper experience with Notre Dame, and they get to really understand what it’s all about, rather than kind of just the surface view.”Although stadium construction for Campus Crossroads led to some adjustments in the weekend’s events, freshman and committee member Katharine Janes said the University was still able to show students all the best things it has to offer.“It really makes you think about why is Notre Dame really spiritually active, why are athletics important, why are academics important and how can we showcase that to prospective students?” she said. “And also, I think that recruiting a student body that really values those things is important, so you’re recruiting students who will be reflective of that mission.”Farchone said his experience at Reilly Weekend as a high school senior was what ultimately convinced him to attend Notre Dame.“Reilly was really a chance to experience the tangible offerings of Notre Dame, and it was a great way to differentiate the University from other options that I was considering,” he said. “It really highlighted for me the community aspect of Notre Dame and the familial atmosphere, as well as the focus on the faith life and service.“There was a moment on my Reilly [weekend] when I looked around and thought to myself, ‘These are the people that I want to spend the rest of my life with,’ and I couldn’t envision myself going to any other University besides Notre Dame. And that’s what we’re hoping to recreate for these students, to show them that in the face of a secular world, it’s not a disadvantage to have attended a Catholic university. In many ways it’s actually an advantage for your personal well-being and your holistic development.”Tags: Prospective Students, Reilly Visitation Program, Reilly Weekendlast_img read more

Duo Charged In Connected With Friday Break-in

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Cropped Photo: r. nial bradshaw / CC BY 2.0CHARLOTTE – Two people are facing charges in connection with a home break-in on Old Chautauqua Road in the Town of Charlotte Friday.The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office says a witness allegedly spotted Merle Smith, 38, and Kimberly Scriven, 40, enter a residence without permission and steal a television.Both reportedly fled prior to police’s arrival although, deputies say, they were located a short distance away.Scriven was processed and released with an appearance ticket for second-degree criminal trespass. Smith was processed and released with an appearance ticket for second-degree burglary and petit larceny.Both are scheduled to appear in Town of Charlotte Court at a later date.last_img

Cue the Chandelier! Norm Lewis & Sierra Boggess Meet Up at Les Miz

first_img View Comments The Phantom of the Opera It’s been five years since Norm Lewis and Sierra Boggess went “Under the Sea” in The Little Mermaid, and now they’re returning to Broadway together again (on land, this time) this spring! The duo will play the Phantom and Christine in the Andrew Lloyd Webber mega-musical The Phantom of the Opera beginning May 12 at the Majestic Theatre. But before they bring the “Music of the Night” to the masses, they stormed the barricades on opening night of Les Miserables to cheer on Ramin Karimloo, Will Swenson and the new cast. Both Boggess and Lewis are former Les Miz revolutionaries—Boggess played Fantine in the West End, while Lewis played Javert in both the 2006 Broadway revival and Les Miserables in Concert: The 25th Anniversary. Click below to see Boggess’ adorable Twitter photo of the co-stars getting silly, then see them in The Phantom of the Opera this spring! Star Files from $29.00center_img Related Shows Sierra Boggess Norm Lewislast_img read more

Peruvian General Dies While Participating in Meeting with Ecuadorean Peers

first_imgBy Dialogo June 02, 2010 The head of the Peruvian Army General Staff, Abilio Fox Calle, died Monday of an acute myocardial infarction while participating in Peruvian-Ecuadorean bilateral talks in Lima, the institution announced in a statement. “Gen. Abilio Fox was participating in the Peruvian-Ecuadorean bilateral talks and died as a result of an acute myocardial infarction,” according to the statement, read by the broadcaster RPP. The Peruvian Army “deeply” regrets “this irreparable loss” to the institution and expresses its heartfelt condolences to General Fox’s family and friends in this moment of sorrow, the text adds.last_img

Peru and Chile Agree on Process for Measuring Their Military Expenditures

first_imgBy Dialogo August 18, 2010 The defense ministers of Chile, Jaime Ravinet, and Peru, Rafael Rey, agreed Monday to establish a process for measuring the military expenditures of their countries, which are pursuing litigation over their maritime border in the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Both ministers signed two memoranda of understanding during an official visit to Lima by Ravinet, who met with Peruvian president Alan García in the Palace of Government in Lima. “The aim is to strengthen ties between the two countries, and we have made and ratified agreements that can make it possible to continue promoting mutual understanding and trust, as well as regional peace and security,” the Peruvian minister said. Ravinet affirmed that he was pleased with the agreements and emphasized that his country “wants to live in peace” and demonstrates “maximum transparency” in its military expenditures. “Chile and Peru should be capable of constructing a vision that can create brotherhood between our peoples and that can look to the future,” he said. In the memoranda that were signed, “the establishment of a procedure for starting the process of determining equivalencies for the measurement of defense expenditures” was approved, Rey said. As part of this process, Ravinet said at a press conference that his country is in the process of renovating both its mid-range and short-range air-defense systems. For his part, the Peruvian minister announced that Peru also has a public-investment project to acquire an anti-aircraft defense system.last_img read more

“Libertad” Frigate Crew Arrives in Argentina; Ship Impounded in Ghana

first_img A total of 280 sailors from the Argentine Navy training vessel Libertad, that was impounded in Ghana due to a lawsuit filed by a hedge fund, arrived in Buenos Aires’s Ezeiza International Airport on board a charter flight on October 25, reported AFP. The Argentine Navy frigate crew, retained at a port near Accra since October 2, arrived on an Air France special flight at the airport, where the Sailors were received by their families with a warm round of applause. Most of the Argentine crew arrived on the flight, together with their counterparts from Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela, the guests who participated in the training tour, a Navy spokesman told AFP. While conducting its annual training tour, the ship was impounded by a Ghanaian court order issued by a judge that accepted a legal claim from a hedge fund on Argentina’s defaulted sovereign bonds, which had gone into default by about 1 billion dollars in 2001. “The happiness of this reunion is mixed with sadness, because the ship is something that I feel is mine. This was my third trip. I didn’t want to leave the boat, but the commander assigned others to stay onboard,” Martín Tejera told AFP as he stepped off the plane and hugged his four children, the youngest being born two months ago when he was in open waters. The remaining crew stayed on board the Libertad in order to guarantee the maintenance of the ship at the Port of Tema , consists of its captain and 44 crew members,. The lawsuit that provoked the seizure was filed over 370 million dollars by the holding company NML Capital, headquartered in the Cayman Islands, after refusing to accept a debt restructuring with important cutbacks that Argentina offered between 2005 and 2010, for 93% of its debt in default. This incident generated internal controversy in the Argentine government, which caused Admiral Carlos Alberto Paz, Chief of Navy Intelligence, to resign after the government penalized two officers. The frigate’s training tour had scheduled several stops in Latin America, Europe, and Africa, while in 2011 it only docked in regional ports, to avoid seizure attempts by creditor hedge funds. By Dialogo October 26, 2012last_img read more

Nesconset Driver Pleads Not Guilty to Deadly Hit-and-run

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A man pleaded not guilty Thursday at Suffolk County court to allegations that he was the driver in a hit-and-run crash that killed a 23-year-old pedestrian in Hauppauge last fall.Craig Williams was indicted last month on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, a felony. Judge Stephen Braslow set his bail at $25,000.Newsday reported that prosecutors appointed Garden City-based attorney Stephen Scaring as a special prosecutor in the case because Williams’ father is an investigator with the Suffolk County district attorney’s office.Both the suspect and the victim, 23-year-old Thomas Wik, are from Nesconset.Police have said the deadly crash occurred on Route 347 in the early morning hours of Saturday, Sept. 29.Williams is due back in court March 22. He faces up to four years in prison, if convicted.last_img

Palace lauds Gazini Ganados for giving ‘pride, glory’ to PH

first_imgMiss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados ended her journey in the Miss Universe pageant on Monday, December 9 in the Top 20. The finals was held in Atlanta, Georgia. MISS UNIVERSE ORGANIZATION “The Palacelauds Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados for representing our country well in theMiss Universe pageant in Atlanta, Georgia, USA,” Panelo said. “Ms. Ganados hasgiven pride and glory to the Filipino nation by showcasing the unique beautyand talent of the Filipina.” PresidentialSpokesperson Salvador Panelo lauded Ganados “for representing the country wellin the Miss Universe pageant. MANILA –Malacañang commended the efforts of Miss Universe Philippines GaziniGanados for representing the country in the annual beauty pageant. The 23-year-oldbeauty queen from Talisay, Cebu placed in the Top 20, failing to secure aback-to-back win with 2018 Miss Universe Catriona Gray.  “Her experiencein joining the prestigious beauty pageant should add further to her developmentas a beauty queen,” he said. “We wish her all the best in her futureendeavors.” South Africa’sZozibini Tunzi won the 2019 Miss Universe making her the second South Africanto win the tiara in the last three years./PNlast_img read more