Associate Deans announced for Social Sciences

June CormanJune Corman and Ingrid Makus have been named Associate Deans in the Faculty of Social Sciences.Corman, a Sociology professor, and Makus, associate professor of Political Science, were appointed to the positions effective July 12.Ingrid MakusMakus has been at Brock since 1994, Corman since 1991. Both bring years of administrative experience to the roles, as well as experience in research and teaching.“The Faculty of Social Sciences, both in terms of student enrolment and faculty participation in the university, and in the wider international and national community, makes a really important contribution,” Makus said. “I’m excited about making sure that is acknowledged.”Corman wants to continue the initiatives previous Associate Deans have put in place. She wants to work on achieving academic integrity across the Faculty’s courses. She would also like to assist academic advisors in continuing their good work, she said.“I’d like to continue the initiative to develop strong critical thinking and writing skills, and assist in maintaining the strength of the undergraduate curriculum in light of continuing financial difficulties,” she said. read more

Human rights situation in Somalia not promising UN expert says

“Northwest Somalia (Somaliland) and northeast Somalia (Puntland) had shown improvement last year, but human rights in Somalia is complicated as some regions improve one year while others deteriorate,” Ghanim Alnajjar said on his third annual fact-finding visit to the country since June 2001.While in Somalia through 1 September, Mr. Alnajjar’s two-person team will look into a variety of human rights-related issues, including the state of the judicial system, law enforcement and prison conditions, child soldiers, the status of women and displaced persons.”Right now a lot depends on the peace process. The more human rights are considered at the talks, the higher the chance of peace. It is an opportunity for Somalis to show their commitment to human rights,” Mr. Alnajjar said in reference to the ongoing Somalia National Reconciliation Conference at Mbagathi, Kenya.He is expected to meet with a variety of diplomats, local authorities, civil society representatives and international organizations in Somalia as well as Nairobi, Kenya. read more