Morocco Among Three Most Prosperous African Countries Legatum Institute

London – Morocco is among the three most prosperous African countries, the Legatum Institute said in its “Africa Prosperity Report 2016.”South Africa is the highest ranking country followed by Botswana, Morocco, Namibia, Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Rwanda, Ghana and Burkina Faso, the London-based think tank pointed out.The 2016 Africa Prosperity Report shows that decades of economic growth across the continent has failed to deliver greater levels of prosperity for many African countries. The Legatum Institute’s 2016 Africa Prosperity Report reveals how economic growth across Africa is not necessarily being translated into higher levels of prosperity in individual countries.Researchers at the international think tank sought to determine what level of prosperity African countries can and should be expected to deliver given their level of wealth.This was done by assessing a country’s level of wealth (GDP per capita) modelled against its overall ranking in the think tank’s own Prosperity Index (which uses eight economic and social factors including Entrepreneurship & Opportunity; Governance; Education; Health; Safety & Security; Personal Freedom; and Social Capital.) read more