Everyone Cares About Al Hoceima Protests Except Parliament PJD MP

Rabat – The President of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) in the House of Representatives, Idriss Azami Al Idrissi, voiced his group’s concern on Tuesday May 30 that the Parliament has been “absent” from the dialog regarding the protests and unrest in Al Hoceima. Idriss Azami Al Idrissi, who heads the group of Justice and Development Party members in Morocco’s House of Representatives, said in a speech on Tuesday that it is “regrettable” that the Parliament is not concerned with the debate regarding Al Hoceima, which he characterized as “a national public issue.” Azami Al Idrissi said that the situation has sparked protests in different Moroccan cities and is apparently “of concern to everyone except the Parliament.” The member of the PJD’s National Council added that his group had contacted the President of the Council and the government through the Council on important national issues, noting that other parliamentary groups had done the same thing “under Article 104” of the constitution. Azami Al Idrissi also revealed that the PJD group had demanded a meeting with the counselor of the Ministry of Interior and the Minister of Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, to discuss the situation in the Northern city of Al Hoceima. He stated that his PJD group had “remarked that the government had been absent from this national issue, and the Parliament has an important role in it.” The President of the PJD members urged the Speaker of the House of Representatives to “do what is necessary” for Parliament to fulfill its duties in the government. read more