Interview with Suriname Chief of Defense, Col. Hedwig Gilaard

first_imgBy Dialogo April 20, 2011 Suriname was represented at the Caribbean Nations Security Conference, co-hosted by the United States Southern Command and Trinidad and Tobago in February 2011, by their newly appointed Chief of Defense, Col. Hedwig Gilaard. Diálogo spoke with Col. Gilaard about the security challenges facing his country and the need for increased regional cooperation to tackle trans-national threats such as the spread of illicit trafficking throughout the Caribbean. Diálogo: What are the main security concerns for Suriname at this time? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: We have to do a lot to have a feeling of security, because we have open borders and it’s very difficult to track illegal activities, very difficult. Eighty percent of my country is forest, so the east and the western borders are open. There are many rivers, so everybody can come in easily. We don’t have a good routing system that can track aircraft. So I think we can do more about safety in our country. Diálogo: What would be the role of the Armed Forces in ensuring safety and more precisely in combating illicit trafficking in Suriname? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: We have a great challenge because the Armed Forces are not that big. We have approximately two thousand men, so the country is too big for the Armed Forces alone to handle. Maybe with help from other nations, we can do a better job. Diálogo: Where do you envision this help coming from? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: Maybe from the big brothers, like Brazil, our southern neighbor, and the United States. Diálogo: Do you also have a problem in Suriname with criminal organizations and the emergence of gangs? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: Yes. Just like in every country, and even more so in a small county, we have that problem. Diálogo: How has illicit trafficking affected your country specifically? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: We are a transit country along the drug route, but a part of the drugs stay in the country. So in every neighborhood we now have youngsters who are on drugs. A part of our youth are affected by drugs. Diálogo: You mentioned working with other countries. What would be some of the benefits for Suriname in working with the United States and other partners? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: We are working with Southcom [United States Southern Command]. Some years ago we captured illegal aircraft but I think for two years now we haven’t captured illegal aircraft, so maybe there are less drugs coming into the country. Diálogo: Do you think additional monitoring or working with organizations such as JIATF-S (Joint Inter-Agency Task Force-South) and with regional partners, such as the RSS (Regional Security System) in the Caribbean and CARICOM, would also bring a direct benefit to Suriname? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: I think so, yes. I don’t have numbers to show you, but I think that maybe we don’t have as many drugs coming into Suriname. I know that two years ago we found a lot of small aircraft that we captured in our country. But I don’t know the route now through our country. Diálogo: Do you feel that initiatives like the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative will be helpful to combat illicit trafficking? What role could Suriname play within that initiative? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: Yes. It’s a difficult task. We can’t do it alone. We are too small to do it alone and we have a lack of intelligence, a lack of means. I think that with training we can resolve a lot of problems. Our budget is not that big, so with the help of others, I think we can achieve those goals. Diálogo: What would Suriname contribute to the initiative, for example, specialized training or information sharing that you could assist with? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: We know our country. I think we have enough experience. Maybe we can deliver results with our experience. Diálogo: Is there anything else you would like to add? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: Yes, I hope that we can get support from, like I mentioned before, the big brothers, like the United States and Brazil, to help us to do something to bring down to normal proportions illicit trafficking.last_img read more

Russian fund steps up production of anti-viral drug approved by Moscow for COVID-19

first_imgRDIF said it was now set to produce more than 100,000 courses in July and that a joint venture with pharmaceutical firm ChemRar Group would allow it to increase production threefold to meet growing demand both domestically and internationally.Kirill Dmitriev, the head of RDIF, said Russia was ready to help other nations fight the virus and that more than 50 countries had expressed their interest in the drug.There is now no vaccine against COVID-19. The inexpensive anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone has been shown to reduce the death rate in severe cases, and the anti-viral drug remdesivir has been shown to speed recovery. Nearly all the world’s supply of remdesivir was bought by the United States.Russia said on Thursday it had recorded 6,760 new cases of novel coronavirus infection in the last 24 hours, in line with figures in recent days. That brought its confirmed total to 661,165 cases, the third highest in the world after Brazil and the United States.After imposing a strict lockdown, the authorities have largely lifted restrictions on movement and business, despite thousands of new cases a day. International flights remain banned, however, and RBC business daily reported that this would be extended until Aug. 1. Topics : Russia’s sovereign wealth fund said on Thursday it will step up the production of the anti-viral drug Avifavir, an anti-influenza medicine which the Russian government has granted preliminary approval for treatment of COVID-19 patients.The Russian health ministry gave its approval for the drug’s use under a special accelerated process in May. Its Russian backers say it has shown a benefit in COVID-19 patients in early research.The first 100,000 treatment courses were delivered last month to 35 Russian regions, as well as to neighboring Belarus, said the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) which has promoted the drug.last_img read more

Wellington Police Notes: Friday, Jan. 8 – Sunday, Jan. 10, 2016

first_imgWellington Police notes for Friday, Jan. 8 to Sunday, Jan. 10, 2016: Friday, January 8, 2016•7:55 a.m. Kyle M. Dall, 19, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for speeding 29 mph in 20 mph school zone.•9:37 a.m. Officers took a report of found property at the Wellington lake. •10:13 a.m. Megan  J. Cabrera, 22, Wellington was served a notice to appear charged with domestic battery and disorderly conduct.•11:18 a.m. Non-Injury accident in the 300 block N. U.S. 81, Wellington involving a vehicle operated by Earl L. Thomas, 52, Montgomery, Alab. and a fixed object/highway sign owned by Kansas Department of Transportation.•2:48 p.m. Officers investigated a theft by known suspect items recovered in the 2000 block E. 16th, Wellington.•3:36 p.m. Corby M. Bergen, 29, Wellington was arrested, charged and bonded with theft.•4:39 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 200 block S. Jefferson, Wellington.•4:55 p.m. Carissa M. Gill, 39, Wellington was issued a notice to appear charged with disobeyed traffic signal.•Rachelle L. Ward, 46, Wellington was served a summons to appear for theft.•8:40 p.m. Shawn A. Janney, 38, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for defective tail light.Saturday, January 9, 2016•William C. Starks, 42, Wellington was served a summons to appear for theft.•1:40 p.m. Officers investigated a theft of bicycle in the 100 block N. B, Wellington.•10:54 p.m. Officers investigated a battery and an assault by known suspect in the 2000 block E. 16th, Wellington.Sunday, January 10, 2016No reports.last_img read more

Overtime 10-22-14

first_imgFollow @NewPghCourier on Twitter us at our mobile app at BILL NEAL:10—Pretty good times around the local football fields. Here’s a little update:•Penn Hills wins again and continues to maintain the comeback to where they once belonged.•Woodland Hills keeps their winning tradition alive once again.•Clearly you can see how the Penn Hills/Woodland Hills game coming up on Friday at Woodland Hills makes for a great football night!!!BILLY KISNER Penn Hills quarterback rushed for two touchdowns and threw a touchdown pass in the Indians 55-28 win over Seneca Valley, The Indians will have a showdown against rival Woodland Hills on Friday, Oct. 24. (Courier Photo by William McBride):09—By now even you strong WVU haters have to give props to the Mountaineers.  Their upset win over No. 4 Baylor this past weekend puts them in the conversation with the nation’s elite teams.:08—Unfortunately, I can’t put Pitt in that conversation…not just yet anyway. I know you’re still excited with their win over Virginia Tech last week, but keep in mind that was a team that limped into Heinz Field with multiple key injuries. A win over 5 and 1 Georgia Tech will go a long way.:07—Is it me or is there no longer a heavyweight division in boxing.  What do I mean you ask? Well, do these names ring a bell? Muhammad Ali, “Smokin” Joe Frazier, Larry Holmes, Ken Norton, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield…just to name a few.  Man those were the days. They may be gone forever!:06—I know you count on me for help in this area so here we go. Apparently you’ve forgotten the impact that “SOS” had on the music world. Well get reminded and pull out the  sounds of “Just Be Good to Me”, “Weekend Girl” and “No. 1” and be reminded of the power of that sound…go ahead. Do it…no, really, do it now!  Feels good huh?!?!:05—Need some direction for Monday night?  Steelers 31, Houston Texans 14.  J.J. Watts not a factor. And that my friends, you can take to the bank!:04—High school football is coming down the stretch. Now is the time for every…and I do mean every Black parent in the nation to act like an adult and not the kid you wanted to be and respect your child, the game and yourself.:03—NBA basketball is here!  For all of you that had to pay up last year, load up your pockets     again.  I’ve got the Spurs repeating…yeah, I know, but you doubted me last year too. Didn’t you sucker?:02—Movie to see in a hurry…“Gone Girl” is excellent, brutal, shocking and must see. That’s all I can tell you or I might get killed too. Four basketballs.:01—Here’s the first of many health tips I’m learning cause I gotta lose 50 pounds ASAP. That’s right Fit-y! Deviled eggs for a snack offer some of the most easily absorbed protein in nature.:00—DOUBLE OVERTIMEThanks to the hundred plus “friends” that showed up for the Champion Enterprises Farewell Par-Tay. To those who didn’t show up…well, I guess it’s true what they say…you find out who your real friends are!~ GAME OVER ~last_img read more