Get your fats straight

first_imgAs nutrition and health issues continue to dominate the headlines, spreads manufacturer Flora has introduced an online training kit, designed to educate bakery staff as well as other foodservice operators about ’good’ versus ’bad’ fats.Flora parent company Unilever Foodsolutions says that fat does play a valid role in the diet, as a source of energy and providing building blocks for the body’s cells. Some, such as omega 3 and 6 are also essential fats that must be consumed in the diet as the body cannot generate these itself.They are needed to maintain a healthy heart, says the company. Yet in 2004, a survey of 2,000 adults for the Unilever Health Institute found that 55% were looking to eat fewer fried foods, less butter and cut down on fat in general.The online training kit is an easy-to-use interactive concept, says Unilever, enabling bakers to instruct their staff in a way that’s beneficial to their customers’ health and their profits. Each training kit covers:? the difference between ’good’ fats and ’bad’ fats? the importance of ’good’ fats in maintaining a healthy heart? recipes and practical tips on how to add Flora spreads into a menu? a fun, educational quiz to ensure that users “get their fats right”.Bakers who submit their team’s answers online will receive a Flora point-of-sale kit that includes a “we’ve got our fats right” certificate and window sticker to promote the fact to their customers that they are offering healthier options. In addition, the Flora team is giving participants the chance to win a spa day for two.According to Flora, its Original and Light Spreads are made with ’good’ fat, which it describes as high in polyunsaturates, rich in omega 3 and 6 oils, folic acids and vitamins B6 and B12.The company says its spreads are low in saturates, virtually transfat free and contain no hydrogenated oils, all identified as ’bad’ fats. The spreads are also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians, says the firm.To download Flora’s online training kit, go to [] and click on Flora. Alternatively, text your details to 07781 480139 and the Flora team will post one to you.last_img read more

Recipes & Ingredients

first_imgWelcome to this Special Feature on Recipes and Ingredients. Last week, some friends who live near Bromley in Kent, phoned me to say that the Saturday lunchtime queue stretched right outside their local baker’s. That was music to my ears. I rather wished a TV crew had rushed round there and said something like: “It might be a recession, but look at how popular the local craft baker is!”Just as the recipes in this feature show, it’s not only innovation that’s important, it is making a mix of classic favourites and traditionals with a twist. I have eaten crème brûlée dozens of times, but how can you fail to take delight in reading Paul Barker’s description in the second paragraph of his page 33 recipe. And he asks: “Why leave the delights of crème brûlée to the restaurant sector?” How right he is!If you make the lovely couture cakes, shown by confectioner to the stars Mich Turner, why not showcase them with a ticket stating, “Inspired by fashion designer Coco Chanel”. What a talking point for your shop.Wayne Caddy is one of the most talented bakers and consultants you could hope to meet – and he always manages to come up with original ideas or twists. He makes the point that hot cross buns are one staple, but why not introduce another and call them Easter Bun Swirls.However, if, like me, you have always thought onion bread is a bit too ’oniony’ but still delicious, try out craft baker Christophe Blond’s version.Each of our contributors to this supplement is passionate about bakery and each runs short courses for professionals to pass on their knowledge. That includes Lighthouse Bakery, which make some great Jewish and Eastern European products.One of the things I love about bakery is that it never, ever stands still. Lamb, sprouts and carrots will always be lamb, sprouts and carrots, You may dress them up or cook them different ways, but you cannot change them intrinsically, in the way you can adapt yeast, flour and other ingredients to turn their magic properties into dozens of different goods! Why not tap into the expertise of companies such as Ireks, Rank Hovis, Muntons, Cereform and others, who have fantastic technical advisors to help you create new breads or cakes. So if you try out one or more of the recipes, I hope they work for you. Or if you attend one of the courses, I hope you really enjoy them and return enthused with a new repertoire.Sylvia Macdonaldlast_img read more

In my world – the café owner

first_imgUmer Ashraf is owner of Glasgow-based iCafé. He has three shops and plans to expandPeople often ask me what impact the recession is having on my business and I answer, “We’re actually not that bad.” The truth, though, is that we are as bad as the business next door or the one further down the road on some fronts, but much better, secure and robust on others.As well as coffee, we sell paninis, wraps, gourmet sandwiches, nachos, hot and cold filled bagels and baguettes.Everyone in this industry is affected one way or another. If it isn’t the rising costs, it is the declining sales. If it isn’t the declining sales, it is probably the profitability. After all, our general prices have gone up, and our sales have come down. But not everything is this gloomy. What we have to remember is that everything has a counter-effect and perhaps we are forgetting those many opportunities these tough times have created.For me, I have looked at a few and started my latest project. I am taking a brand new concept, called Paradise Bay, to the beautiful city of Oban. It’s a juice and smoothie bar – nothing new to this industry I agree, but it’s how I have done it that will make the difference – and I’ll be selling croissants, Danish and the other baked goods, as before.My vision for the iCafé chain of coffee houses has grown from strength to strength, but in the present climate, things are moving rather slowly on the expansion front. Instead, everyone at iCafé has focused their energies on making the business more robust and bringing in systems we perhaps couldn’t have before. This gives me an opportunity to explore what else is out there and grow my little business empire by making the best of the deals that exist – whether it be incentives on the rentals, incentives from suppliers or simply the change in the market trend giving new concepts an opportunity to test the waters or, dare I say, grow.There was a time when consumers were going for a premium range on most things. Now, they want a value range on most things, as everyone is watching their total spend. Paradise Bay focuses on bringing premium-range products at value-range prices – a win-win result for everyone. As a business, we will provide a far superior product for the price, resulting in repeat custom due to value for money, quality and the whole offering.The store is due to open on 20 March and, in my forthcoming column, I will tell you how I got on with the launch. What were the good points and the bad points and what worked, and did not work… so watch this space!For now, I will leave you with this quote by Johann Wolfgang: “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”last_img read more

When religion and work are in conflict

first_imgEmployers must not discriminate against employees on the grounds of their religion or belief. But, as with a recent incident that involved a Muslim bus driver, what happens if faith gets in the way of running your business?Since the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 were introduced, it has been unlawful to treat an employee any less favourably because of their religion or belief. Should this happen, it will amount to “direct” discrimination. Thankfully, this type of claim is now rare mainly due to an increased awareness of the law among employers but it is still easy to get caught out on “indirect” discrimination.”Indirect” discrimination occurs when a “provision, criterion or practice” is applied that disadvantages an employee but which cannot be justified on business grounds, for example.Praying on the jobThe potential for religion and work to clash was recently highlighted when a Muslim bus driver stopped mid-way around his route to pray in the aisle. For five minutes, nobody could get on or off the bus, causing a considerable delay.As you might expect, his employer received numerous complaints. On being pulled up for his actions, he pointed out that his “religious duty” meant he had to pray a number of times each day. It was subsequently agreed that his religious observance would only take place during breaks.Other problems can easily arise. Some religions require fasting at certain times of the year or you might have to deal with multiple requests for holiday leave during religious festivals. So how do you manage employees, yet stay on the right side of the law?It is unwise to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, assess each case individually and decide, taking the following into account:l Your organisation: the size of your business is relevant. For example, smaller employers will be unable to cope with multiple holiday requests or those that fall at particular times of the year.l Financial impact: consider the costs involved for example, if staff demand kosher or halal meat at a staff function rather than accepting a vegetarian option, this could be unreasonable.l Impact: look at the knock-on effect for example, agreeing to breaks at particular times so an employee can pray could disrupt your business.l Inter-group tension: think about all employee groups never favour one particular religion.l Burden on staff: finally, consider the inconvenience to other employees. If they have to work extra hours to accommodate an employee’s religion, they could raise a grievance.Additional helpIf you are unsure about an employee’s religion, why not ask? In fact, this will strongly go in your favour if a problem later emerges. The Employers Forum on Belief can point you in the right direction.last_img read more

Question over quality as rain delays wheat harvest

first_imgRecent rainfall has delayed the UK harvest, with over 40% still to come in and the quality of the wheat now in question.Meanwhile in the Ukraine, discussions by the Government as to whether to limit wheat exports for the rest of the year have been put on hold, according to news service APK-Inform Information.Alex Waugh, director general of the National Association of British and Irish Millers, said the wet weather had really slowed down the UK harvest, but added it was too early to say whether it had affected quality.Lewis Wright, wheat director, ADM Milling, said: “Recent rains are delaying UK and German harvests, with 40% still uncut and raising concerns over crop quality. This, coupled with the reduced yield of this year’s crop, means that supply and demand is very finely balanced, leading to daily volatility in the market.”Although wheat prices are still high, they have now stabilised. “Following the highest rise in UK November feed wheat future prices seen since 2007, the market has now stabilised to an average price of £150/t,” he added.Wright said the German crop would have a greater percentage of feed wheat this season, which had increased their milling premiums for bread-making quality wheat. “This has led to UK wheat exports being very competitive into Northern Europe, with good demand for UK bread wheat. The cash price for UK wheat is now at its highest level of the year.”Gary Sharkey, head of wheat procurement at Rank Hovis, said Pakistan is thought to have at least 0.5m tonnes of wheat held in stores now under water, which, along with the export ban in Russia and the discussions around a potential export restriction in the Ukraine, has been holding world wheat prices up, with UK prices following. “However, the biggest issue (in the UK) is the quality of wheat that’s still in the field. We may start to see some sprouted growth, which would render it unfit for bread-making.”David Wright, Wright’s Flour, commented: “The wheat left does not need any more rain or there will be doubts on Hagberg falling numbers. The poor weather has helped fuel further upwards movements on wheat prices, due to increasing premiums, particularly on the quality wheats.”>>Rank Hovis raises flour price due to global factors>>Latest wheat price rise could impact flour costslast_img read more

Enrollment underway for the coming school year in South Bend

first_img Twitter Facebook Previous articleMichigan recycling returns on MondayNext articleIndiana playing catch-up with state neighbors in building skilled workforce Tommie Lee IndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market Google+ (Photo supplied/South Bend Community School Corporation) Enrollment for new students is underway for the upcoming school years at the South Bend Community Schools.That includes the traditional, Montessori and Magnet school programs.Children who are 5 years old on or before October 1 2020 are eligible for Kindergarten enrollment.Marquette Montessori is enrolling kids from the age of 3 to the 6th grade. You can learn more by clicking here. Pinterest Pinterest Enrollment underway for the coming school year in South Bend WhatsApp Twitter WhatsApp By Tommie Lee – June 11, 2020 0 397 Google+ Facebooklast_img read more

Kroger stops issuing change in coin form during national shortage

first_img Facebook Pinterest WhatsApp Google+ Twitter Previous articleLegendary South Bend swim coach diesNext articleWoman charged after leaving baby in a hot car on Grape Road Tommie Lee WhatsApp Facebook As a response to the nationwide coin shortage, Kroger stores across the country say they have become the latest chain to stop giving coins in change for cash purchases.The announcement was made Monday, and signs will be posted in the next few days telling customers they need to pay with either exact change, or electronically.Customers using cash will have the option of adding their change to a Kroger loyalty card, or they can round up their total and donate the excess to the Zero Hunger-Zero Waste Foundation to help area food banks. Pinterest Twitter IndianaLocalMichiganNationalNewsSouth Bend Market Google+ By Tommie Lee – July 13, 2020 0 524 Kroger stops issuing change in coin form during national shortagelast_img read more

Senator Chuck Schumer expecting Buttigieg to back his clean cars, green transportation plans

first_img Google+ WhatsApp WhatsApp Facebook Twitter By Network Indiana – January 2, 2021 2 479 Pinterest Facebook Google+ Previous articleBiologist: Bald eagles now thriving in IndianaNext articlePolice pursuit from Nappanee to Elkhart ends with a crash on State Road 19 Network Indiana Senator Chuck Schumer expecting Buttigieg to back his clean cars, green transportation plans (Screenshot/CBS This Morning) Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is pointing to former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg as an “effective ally” in his environmentally-friendly transportation plans.Schumer is calling for a “big, bold and green infrastructure bill” as well as what he’s calling his “Clean Cars for America” proposal.Schumer says he also wants to talk about the Gateway Program in New York, the renovation plan for the Northeast Corridor.Buttigieg is President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for U.S. Secretary of Transportation. The two were slated for a virtual meeting on Thursday, Dec. 31, but opted to meet privately instead. Pinterest Twitter IndianaLocalNewslast_img read more

Corby’s Irish Pub to reopen next week

first_img Twitter Facebook Corby’s Irish Pub to reopen next week Google+ Previous articleSecond impeachment trial of former President Trump to begin on TuesdayNext articleSouth Bend, PHM schools return to in-person learning Brooklyne Beatty Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Corby’s Irish Pub in South Bend is reopening soon.The pub recently announced on Facebook that it will reopen its doors on Friday, February 19 after having been closed for more than two months.The post thanked the public for “everyone’s patience and support”, stating they can’t wait to see everyone real soon.center_img IndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market Google+ TAGSclosedCorby’s Irish PubcoronavirusCOVID-19FacebookIndianapandemicpostreopenSouth Bend Pinterest WhatsApp Facebook By Brooklyne Beatty – February 9, 2021 0 308 last_img read more