Peru Captures Suspected Guerrillas

first_imgBy Dialogo October 04, 2010 Two military operations in Peru’s Huanuco region, northeast of the capital of Lima, yielded the capture of six suspected guerrillas as well as materials for cocaine paste production on September 28. According to the Peruvian Armed Forces Joint Command, alleged terrorists Ramon Mayta Perez, known as “Camarada Lino” among other aliases, and Toribio Atanacio Quito, known as “Camarada Chavinillo” were arrested in the central town of Santa Rosa de Yanajanca during the initial operation. The suspects provided information that led authorities to a second operation in which a large cocaine paste production lab suspected of belonging to Shining Path commander “DT Artemio” was discovered. Four more suspects were arrested during the operation, reported EFE news agency. In addition, the Latin American Herald Tribune reported that two other Shining Path members – wanted for murder, extortion and robberies committed for the remaining faction of the maoist guerrilla – were also arrested earlier in the same week in separate operations. While the six suspects were turned over to police, a representative from the Public Ministry mandated that all material found at the lab was burned, according to the Armed Forces Joint Command.last_img

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