Discovering an integrated strategy for success as a musician

first_imgRegardless of the career you decide to pursue, discovering an integrated strategy for success matters, and having a career in music is no exception. In order for Liberian artists, more especially the local talents who are changing the creative landscape, to monetize their career they need to apply their own philosophies to succeed. This holds true to excel in every aspect of the music industry. Though musicians will not choose the same paths others have chosen to excel, a foundational strategy in the music business is, however, crucial for success.To have a professional career in music requires strategies similar to good investment ideas. Without them the journey to monetize your career is very slim. Disjointed plans can lead to ineffective actions.Invest more time in monetizing his or her career than just prioritizing developing musical skillsMost musicians that I have interview admitted that majority of their time is spent on advancing their musical talents, but didn’t invest similar amounts of time on other elements, which are essential for a monetized career.They argue that investing more time on advancing their creative skills gives them a better chance for success. Sure their position is true at certain points but these acquired skills will be nothing when other components are not taken into consideration. Other foundational strategies that are required, but not limited to these, include building a fanatic fan base, having a branded image as well as logo.“If you did not allocate enough time to developing all pieces of the music career success puzzle, your musical skills will never be enough to help you grow your career,” said Tom Hess, a touring guitarist, recording artist and a former member of the band Rhapsody of Fire from 2010 until 2013 ( developing strategies will vary from one person to another, certain similarities such as deciding on which ones to make first priorities or to run for short periods of time, and the implementation of those values that directly monetize your career should hold true as they will encourage record people to invest in you because you have the kind of qualities they are looking for.When applying these strategies it is important to connect with an experienced mentor (music coach or executive) that will help you dodge wasting time and teach you how to implement one plan after another to make them ready for accomplishment.“All musicians who now enjoy a fulltime living as professionals in the industry have understood the importance of developing all the elements of the music business. While they continue to practice and develop their musical skills, they also took actions to obtain the other pieces of the music industry values…and you must do the same,” said Hess.TIPS THAT HELP Build a Winning TacticBuilding a winning approach that gives a win-win outcome for investor and other professionals (record companies, entrepreneur, promoters) in the music industry gives you a prosperous and long-lasting career as a musician. When this rich value has been explored, it greatly reduces the inherent risk that the musician poses to the music industry. Such tactic is the musician’s abilities to assist industry practitioners to work out difficulties that will enable than implement your strategies for success. To avoid being classified as a failed musician, do not develop an isolated tactic that is not integrated with your strategies. When your tactics are not properly structured they result into a hit and loss method that leaves you frustrated and begin to play the blame game.This is one of the big reasons why copying what other musicians do will not help you – because you are copying only the ‘tactics’ rather than the underlying strategy they are a part of.Avoid the Feeling of FailureOne of the best secrets to becoming a successful musician is to overcome the feeling of fear that can ruin any musician’s ability to accomplish their goal but rather institute in their mind the focus to avoid failure, which in the end becomes bad.A mindset that conquers fear empowers that person to execute action plans that will weed away worries of financial struggle. It leads to a commitment of how you can apply more strategies and tactics to become successful.Worse, the feeling of fear presents an incorrect vision about your abilities to deliver better and that you can’t navigate your career to a monetized status.“If you believe that you will become successful no matter what, and that you are in control of your life and destiny, you are going to find a way to do what needs to be done to reach your goals. It should be obvious that the latter mindset has an exponentially higher rate of success (both in music business and in life),” added Tom Hess.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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