Man Sentenced to 10 Years for Murdering Wife

first_imgThe Eighth Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie, Nimba County has sentenced a man to 10 years imprisonment for murdering his wife in Waintiapa, Nimba County.The court came down with the unanimous guilty verdict on June 21, sentencing Thompson Paye to 10 years at the Central Prison in Sanniquellie.It may be recalled that in April 2016, Paye and his wife Tina Sayeweh were embroiled in a bitter argument, when Tina reportedly tugged at her husband’s private parts so violently that he was forced to seek treatment at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital, which is said to have eventually made him impotent.Tina was subsequently arrested and fined by the town chief, who threatened to send her to the Sanniquellie Central Prison, but her husband intervened and appealed for his wife’s release.The couple was fined L$1,000 and a live chicken, against which they paid L$100 and a bottle of cane juice, and life returned to normal from April to October 2016.Despite his condition, according to the court records, Thompson decided to live with his wife, and was shocked when she told him she was pregnant, but accepted the pregnancy and instructed Tina that she should not tell anyone that she was impregnated by another man.“After some time, the lady began sleeping out of the house and showing disrespect to her husband. Whenever they come from the farm, she will take the house food to her friend’s house, cook it and would not set aside some for her husband,” the court document said.“On October 27, 2016, upon arriving home from the farm, the lady, instead of cooking at home to eat, she took the food to her friend’s place to prepare it.“At this point, her husband couldn’t bear it any longer; he immediately followed her to her friend’s house and told the friend not to allow his wife to cook at her place or even to sleep there.“His warning to her friends was responded to with laughter and mockery, with his wife saying, ‘go home and sleep, you are not a man and why should you play jealousy over me, when you cannot function?’“The man became agitated, telling his wife that, ‘if you do not follow me to the house, when I return I will show myself to you as a man.’”With her refusal to go along with him, Paye went home and returned with a cutlass, only to find his wife sitting where he had left her. In anger, he started to ‘slap’ his wife with the cutlass, but the instrument instead hit her on the head.After he noticed that he has mortally wounded his wife, he dropped the cutlass and started to cry, saying that his wife got him so upset “I have put myself in trouble,” the court document revealed.The defense team and the prosecutor went into arguments, with the defense arguing that the charge should be reduced to manslaughter, but the court unanimously came down with a guilty murder verdict, and sentenced him to ten years.Meanwhile, there are about 50 criminal cases on trial dockets during this May term of court, among them six murder cases.The presiding judge, S. Geevon Smith, said most of the cases should have been disposed of, but other circumstances, including his illness, delayed them.A murder case involving those who killed a motorcyclist in Ganta that prompted the September 30, 2015 riots, is expected to begin this week.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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