MH370: Searchers confident it will be found!

first_imgThe Australian led international team looking for MH370 is confident that it will be found within the next year.Yesterday Martin Dolan Chief Commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau told the UK’s Express that he is confident the wreckage will be found soon.MH370 went missing on March 8 last year with 239 passengers and crew aboard on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 last year.However despite the most expensive and comprehensive search in aviation history no trace has been found of the Boeing 777.“Once we started looking and defining the search area, it became quite clear it could take up to two years,” Mr Dolan told Express.“We still remain confident it will be found in the next year and all the analysis we have puts the aircraft somewhere in that large search area.”Mr Dolan said that there is “no more information that would allow us to calculate a different area and governments accept that.”Almost half of the 120,000sq km area has been searched so far with the expectation that it will take another 12 months to complete the task.Mr Dolan rejects all the rumours saying that “all the information we have puts the aircraft in this defined search area.”“The crews and equipment being used are excellent and the data we’re receiving is of a quality beyond the specifications yet.“If we have to search the entire area, it will be completed this time next year but we expect to find the aircraft before then.”The primary countries involved and or funding the search are Australia, Malaysia and China, although the UK, USA, France and The Netherlands are technical contributors.MH370: Pilot knows where it isMH370: Only human inputlast_img

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