Two Congress MLAs accuse Madhya Pradesh Health Minister of corruption

first_imgTwo days after a Cabinet Minister in the Congress-led Madhya Pradesh government alleged Digvijaya Singh was attempting to destabilise government, two of its MLAs accused Health Minister Tulsiram Silawat of corruption.“Whenever I ask him for help for a nurse or anyone poor, he sends them Indore where his son demands money in exchange for help. Then, I ask them to return and the work never gets done,” Gohad MLA Ranvir Jatav told The Hindu. “I have not seen such a level of corruption even in the BJP regime.”Asserting that he would stick to his statement, even as infighting within the State Congress rages on, as Mr. Silawat had created “an unfair system”, Mr. Ranvir said, “The position is so bad now that no one would give us votes in the name of Congress. We have not won the election on the back of the party. We won the seat based on the work we did in the area.”Ambah MLA Kamlesh Jatav said, “It’s not about the party but a personal matter. If Congressmen become middlemen, how will things work.”Alleging that Mr. Silawat had been taking money this way ever since the Congress came to power in the State, he said, “Whenever I seek help for a poor employee, Mr. Silawat says I am his younger brother, and the job will be done. But his son openly demands money sitting in Indore. I have been elected from my own seat after 35 years. If we are unable to work for the people, what is the use?“Once, My driver needed some help, and Mr. Silawat’s son demanded Rs. 50,000 openly,” alleged Mr. Kamlesh, who along with Mr. Ranvir, belongs to the Jyotiraditya Scindia camp. Even Mr. Silawat is considered close to Mr. Scindia.On Monday, Forest Minister Umang Singhar wrote to party president Sonia Gandhi alleging leader Digvijaya Singh was trying to destabilise the Kamal Nath government and establish himself as the power centre in the State.He even called Mr. Singh a “blackmailer involved in illegal mining and liquor trade” and demanded a CBI inquiry.Admitting there were fissures within the party, Mr. Scindia on Wednesday said, “It is the Chief Minister’s responsibility to resolve differences within the party after hearing all sides. There should be no interference in the government, there are no two ways about it.”last_img

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