Google Earth providing satellite images and CPU power to climate scientists

first_imgGoogle Earth is trying to redeem itself a tad after almost plunging Nicaragua and Costa Rica into war: it’s just introduced a new platform called Google Earth Engine which not only makes publicly available a huge volume of satellite images of the planet’s surface, but also provides tools and even some computer power for analysis of those images.Google seems to hope that the new toolset will allow climate scientists the ability to use their satellite image library to do climate change analysis by tracking changes in forest, water and ice coverage over time. But Google‘s not just offering climate scientists a new data set to work with: they’re also providing tools for analysis, including 10 million CPU hours over the next two years to help do everything from remove clouds in the images to providing researchers the ability to cut apart and recombobulate the images in whatever way their research sees fit.It’s not likely to bring radically new data about climate change to the table: you can only tell so much about how the Earth is changing based upon its topography. Still, it’s a generous gesture on Google’s part, and one that will hopefully make it at least a little easier and cheaper for climate scientists to put their data together.Read more at Google Bloglast_img

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