Build Your Own Bamboo Bike For 500

first_imgBamboo bikes not only look great, but they feature better shock absorption and a smaller carbon footprint. We’ve seen them used to ride part way around the world, and now you can build your own.That’s the concept of the Bamboo Bike Studio. The company provides you the tools to build your very own bike, either by ordering a kit online or by visiting BBS’ San Francisco studio. It’s not cheap, with prices starting at $496, but the studio is hoping that the environmental and personal benefits of building your own bike will outweigh the cost.“We’ve taught over a hundred fifty people to make bikes at the Bamboo Bike Studio,” the company wrote on its website. “Tens of thousands of miles of test riding. Riding through winter, through potholes and all over the world. We are helping to start a factory in Ghana in September, with the goal of providing the lowest cost and highest value bicycles to people who want them most.”Via Inhabitatlast_img

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