Computer Destroys Humans at Jeopardy

first_imgBad news for all those rooting for a come from behindvictory for the fleshy mammalian underdogs. IBM‘sWatson trounced Jeopardy’s top all time winners, pulling in a cool $77,147 in winnings over three days. KenJennings and Brad Rutter ended the tournament with a respectable (in humanterms) $24,000 and $21,600, respectively.All three contestant managed to correctly guess the FinalJeopardy answer, Bram Stocker (Answer: William Wilkinson’s “An Account of thePrincipalities of Wallachia and Moldavia” inspired this author’s most famousnovel)–Jennings even snuck a winking Simpsons homage into the response,writing, “I for one welcome our new computer overlords.”Nice try, Jennings.Everyone knows that it’s the giant ants that get us in the end.last_img

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