Sony reportedly working on 3D virtual reality headset for the PS4

first_imgVirtual reality has come a long way since those terrible contraptions from the early days that were so heavy they could cause spinal damage, all while showing you blocky, unimpressive graphics. The Oculus Rift has wowed a lot of gamers and developers, even luring gaming heavyweight John Carmack away from his full-time gig at id Software. Sony has apparently been watching the trend and is reportedly working on a VR headset for the PS4 that will come out sometime in 2014.Sony’s VR headset will work in a similar fashion to the Oculus Rift. There will be two screens inside to give the user the correct view for each eye that combines to produce the 3D effect. Sources claim the device has been integrated with Evolution Studios’ upcoming PS4 racer DriveClub. The integration goes so deeply that players can look around in the interior of the car by turning their heads.Evolution Studios makes sense as a test site for the PS4 VR headset. The folks at Evolution have been working on 3D for years. Though, the company’s 3D chief — Mick Hocking — has been keeping a low profile since the PS3’s 3D implementation failed to catch on.The Sony VR headset was originally supposed to appear at the recent Gamescom show in Germany, but sources indicate the device was pulled at the last minute. Although, it may have just been a dummy mockup or a non-functional prototype. Sony is probably aware that selling console games on a VR headset will be harder than getting PC gamers to back the Oculus.There is an inherently DIY aspect to the Oculus Rift. Developers are putting out test software, and users are free to tinker with the device. In fact, the Oculus Rift is really only available as a $300 dev kit right now. Sony has to make a VR headset consumer-friendly before it scares anyone away with the concept. Its previous efforts in head-mounted screens, like the HMZ-T2 (seen above), have been very pricey.Sony of course refuses to comment on the rumors, but you never know what a suddenly more confident Sony could be planning.last_img

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