Part of Mass Effect 3s dayone DLC found on disc

first_imgBioware has been under heavy fire from fans since it announced the release of the day-one DLC From Ashes for Mass Effect 3. The controversy isn’t over the actual content, but that Bioware and publisher EA might have cut this content out of the core game for some extra cash flow. Bioware’s Associate Producer, Michael Gamble, assured fans that From Ashes was “not completed until well after the main game went into certification.” But there’s some new evidence that may prove otherwise.A recent video has cropped up on YouTube (shown above), adding not only more fuel to the fire, but a buyer’s remorse for many fans that have already purchased the DLC. The user who made the video goes through the files of the PC version of the game, making adjustments, showing how users can unlock the Prothean character, and only the character. The rest of the DLC requires a 628 MB download. The reason the character may be included on the disc is to prevent compatibility issues in multiplayer, much like how Capcom included its future DLCs on the Street Fighter X Tekken disc. However, the inclusion of the Prothean on the Mass Effect 3 disc is still potentially damaging proof, providing credence to many fan’s fears that the content in From Ashes was cut from the core game to make some quick extra cash. However, according to Kotaku, EA released a statement explaining that “certain framework elements and character models needed to be put on disc.” EA added that something similar was done with Zaeed (a DLC that was also set to be a same-day release) and Kasumi DLCs in Mass Effect 2.last_img

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