Captain Jack Returns in Ninth Doctor Comic Tale

first_img Beware of pretty faces that you find, a pretty face can hide an evil mind: Captain Jack Harkness returns in Cavan Scott’s latest comic tale, “Secret Agent Man.”After the Ninth Doctor was absolved of the murder of Tara Mishra and vanquished his evil doppelgänger, Scott launched a new story arc featuring everyone’s favorite Time Agent.Coquettish as ever, Captain Jack fills readers in on his past—a life of debauchery, deception, and destruction.But when he finds out Zloy Volt, the “bad man” he’s hired to eradicate, was actually doing good, Harkness challenges his employers.“Trouble is, once you start asking questions, it’s hard to stop,” he narrates. “The truth becomes an obsession: dangerous when your world is built on lies.”In an effort to escape his haunting past, Captain Jack runs away, becomes someone new: “Jack the lad. Jack the grifter. The rascal, the rogue. The charmer.” And finds a new home with the Doctor and Rose, traveling in the TARDIS.Until the good old days catch up again: Zloy Volk is alive; Jack didn’t kill him. Now he’s on a new mission. But will he make it out alive?Captain Jack Harkness was last seen on Doctor Who in “The End of Time”; the Tenth Doctor introduces him to Alonso Frame (Russell Tovey) during his final farewells before regenerating.Barrowman, as Harkness, went on to lead spin-off Torchwood for five years. Since the show’s cancellation in 2011, the character has been immortalized in Big Finish audio adventures—like the ones coming out this June and August.In the meantime, snack on Jack in “Secret Agent Man,” on sale now for $3.99 in print and digital forms.Vol. 7 “War of Gods” (via Titan Comics)Also available from Titan Comics: The Tenth Doctor Adventures Year Two, Vol. 7: “War of Gods.”Written by Nick Abadzis and James Peaty, with art by Giorgia Sposito and Warren Pleace, this tome features the final chapters of the Tenth Time Lord’s second year (including the latest tale, “Revolving Doors”) for $22.99. HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster Stay on targetlast_img

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