TorrentParadise uses IPFS for decentralization possible alternative to Pirate Bay

first_imgA developer knows by the handle ‘Urban Guacamole’ has launched a new version of the Torrent-Paradise, powered with IPFS (Interplanetary File System) that provides decentralized torrent searching. This is in contrary to Pirate Bay that has a centralized nature and has been suffering from regular downtimes. The system works very similar to BitTorrent and makes it possible to download files without the need for a central host. Even though the BitTorrent protocol has a decentralized nature, TorrentFreak(TF) states that the ecosystem surrounding it has some weak spots. Torrent sites that use centralized search engines face outages and takedowns thus disrupting service to users. In a statement to TF, Urban says: “I feel like decentralizing search is the natural next step in the evolution of the torrent ecosystem. File sharing keeps moving in the direction of more and more decentralization, eliminating one single point of failure after another”. Urban further explains that each update of Torrent Paradise is an IPFS hash, so the site is always available as long as someone is seeding it even if the servers are down. Decentralization will help search results to be shared between large numbers of systems. This will help the performance of the site as well as improve stability and privacy. According to betanews, by using IPFS, Torrent-Paradise will free itself from the risk of servers going down and also become resistant to blocking and censorship. A few issues of using IPFS as highlighted in TF is that, it needs to be installed and configured for the server to become a node. Also, IPFS gateways like Cloudflare can allow anyone to access sites such as Torrent-Paradise through a custom URL, however, this doesn’t help sharing the site. Another issue is that the site relies on a static index which is only updated once a day rather than being updated in near real-time. The regular Torrent-Paradise website is still accessible to all along with the new ad- free IPFS version. Torrent-Paradise can possibly be an alternative to Pirate Bay? We will leave that open for discussion! Head over to Torrentfreak for more insights on this news. Read Next BitTorrent’s traffic surges as the number of streaming services explodeMIDI 2.0 prototyping in the works, 35 years after launch of the first versionHyatt Hotels launches public bug bounty program with HackerOnelast_img

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