With the dismissal of school for the summer comes

first_imgWith the dismissal of school for the summer comes the annual parental debate: Are your children OK to stay home alone?Alabama has no hard-set rules on the age at which children can be left unsupervised, but parents should make sure their children are mature enough and feel comfortable by their lonesome before making the switch from day care or caregivers.In addition, while a younger child may be fine by themselves for a few hours, leaving them at home all day without someone older around may be a recipe for disaster.So before giving a child free reign in the summer, here’s some things parents and their children should work on before handing over the keys.Prepare a list of rules, responsibilities and safety procedures for children.Make sure you child can lock and unlock all windows and doors.Make sure they have a way to contact you in case of an emergency.Have a backup key or an approved neighbor who can help if your child loses a house key or otherwise can’t get inside their home.Parents looking for things their children can do for the summer have a lot of options. Check right here for a look at what’s around Tuscaloosa.last_img

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