How to use love to do network promotion space in Shanghai

First of all, the new love Shanghai

, do the promotion of soft



space account

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Hello, I am the future. "How to use love Shanghai space to do network promotion" this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, in search of a fall in love with the sea, there will be a lot of related articles. Why do I have around this topic, the reason is that I found some new ways to do network promotion, of course, these are the space for the love of Shanghai. Following on from the future with everyone to introduce a new method under which I find.

image promotionPrinciple and QQ space,

since we want to do promotion in love the sea, then apply for account nature is the first thing to do, the name of this account is the best in our company or brand name, so we started the brand. The head can be used to replace the LOGO company, this can reflect the image of the company and the name of the web site and web site also brought. Write on the company’s business in the space on the home page, you can participate in our specific practice, as shown below.


love Shanghai space can still write text, and we practice in the forum text, put some information related to the product release. The use of some hot topics (industry hot topic) with our information to improve the hit rate. Love is to see Shanghai search site to love Shanghai how much traffic included, which will be in your hair at the end of the article with keywords and web site. Our purpose is to allow only one to improve the site click rate, can bring traffic to your site, so your article included love Shanghai will be higher, your keywords ranking will be in front, so your soft Wen promotion play a role.

space blog love Shanghai as the product of our pictures uploaded to the Internet, you can do the album classification, name of different products or models to classify the product pictures are described in detail, if you remember into words, pictures of products used by others, of course you can add watermark. Love Shanghai space images if included, can be directly in the search engines love Shanghai pictures forum to search, when people click on the picture below the link address when you link to the website up, this promotion effect is very significant. Method of operation as shown below. Click on the "album" upload the corresponding pictures, and then in the "edit pictures" to write relevant pictures and introduce a web site, and then write the name of the enterprise in the title and URL (where the title is very important, convenient to search in Shanghai love in the picture).

video upload video address, it supports Iqiyi, Youku, potatoes, cool 6, sound >


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