Liu Jun the website of Shanghai dragon three elements make site more attractive one

do not have the original content of the website, rely on reprint, copying the main website, is often included abandoned by the engine. Many webmaster headache own website why always only included the home page, or the page is collected and removed, after all the reason one, the content of the website is really rubbish. For search engines, spam website search engine in addition to occupy the server’s bandwidth, database capacity, crawling spider waste of time, waste of search engine computation time and have no other meaning. Not the actual user content to websites, search engines have to use, to the website ranking what? The three elements of Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun today to talk about the content of the website.

must understand the search engine is to provide high-quality content to the user, rather than to your site for traffic. This does not accord with the logic of the website, the search engine is not really the most willing to provide ranking. Only your real website provides quality content, target and unity to the search engine, to reach the state of coexistence.

website content should be the most Adsense really concern. In fact, this is not absolute standard and answer, according to the website to do the different owners of different condition, generation of web content will be different. For example, you do as a Liu Jun and Wuhan Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng personal blog, generating initial content of natural writing is to rely on oneself, can obtain the expanded original content from a blog reader. For example, blog is the message reply, really do a good job of quality content, write a good article, can let the reader through Bo Wen active messages, so you can let the original content get good self expansion.


, the 2 generation of web contentHow to generate


some B2C type of website is very let Adsense headache, some products the content of the page is copied from the manufacturers, a lot of content fits, how this website to create high-quality content? Some large B2C can rely on a strong financial strength, increase the weight of the website, let the search engine think the copy of the original, high quality, but the ordinary grassroots webmaster does not have the strength. Write the product page of their products, to create their own content is not realistic, so we can only rely on the excellent planning ability to make a site of the original content. < >

must understand the content of the important significance of

many webmaster know Shanghai Longfeng classic saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor. But most of the time just talking about my mind, really to do stand, when the actual execution, put this sentence left behind. Also the stationmaster is good, there is no ability to make a number of high-quality original content. Probably many webmaster friends there will enhance the importance of the content to a much higher level, not from the heart feel how important it is to create high-quality content.

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