How will the Shanghai sex optimization slowly ranks steadily

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second: do website internal page article update

but depressed depression, in this sunny afternoon, I still want to put forward under the friends of these problems, to summarize, roughly 5 aspects we did not deal with gossip, here to share to you, hope to be able to give us an idea, I hope my friends can xinxiangshicheng.

recently in a period of time, people have been with me Q, and are often consult some repeated question: "why my website for several months, ranking could not appear on the home page, or appear on the first page but soon go on, always want to find the answer here, in fact, unfortunately, this problem is really not a few words can be said clearly, here, for those who put a question to me, but no reply to your friends say sorry, because casual search on the Internet, this is the mass appeared in the love of Shanghai in the column, ha ha.


The pre

3, in the line on the website, must adopt a proper way to improve Shanghai dragon love Shanghai rankings, this is the basis for the foundation, there is no basis for this ranking, not stable for a long time.

, the line on the website, it should be noted that the first keyword here, to friends advice is done as far as possible not to change, but it should be possible to give some keywords bold, italic, which can arouse the attention of the spider love Shanghai, of course, some of the benefits of the site, and do a good job the anchor is also an important way in the station, link to the home page, so you can have some weight things appear.

2, completely abandon the home page weight was within the page of negative tired phenomenon, the main method of this step is to anchor all inside pages to set the key words to love Shanghai home, so that the weight of Shanghai in the home of love, of course, inline settings, page also the relevance of the course, there are and some other methods to increase the weight of the website, is to set up a secondary navigation, this way can refer friends to learn.

said the truth, love love in Shanghai is still relatively static pages, this is a long period of experience give an idea, so we, when building a web site, we must first consider the web page static page, this is worth us to follow the train of thought.

home page, this is a fundamental problem, that is in the beginning of the line on the website, it must take into account the internal site optimization, there is a saying called foundation is not solid, I believe that doing the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, for a period of time the friends in Shanghai Longfeng this major should understand very much to the problem the construction of the fundamental problem, your site is a key point in the future by leaps and bounds, mainly focus on the need to be friends, there are several steps in this note, we share:

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