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ZZD5: the original bokee贵族宝贝 at this site in many websites, get a good ranking. There are two ways. One is to use the search engine promotion directly to get good rankings. For example, love Shanghai love Shanghai League promotion is the way. To love Shanghai certain search fees can get love Shanghai home page ranking. The advantages of this way is the most directly and quickly get a good web site in the search engine ranking. But this approach is not every site can afford. Because love Shanghai promote this kind of method is to rely on money to drop out. But also need the right to formulate promotion plan according to the popularity of keywords in love extension in Shanghai. The following is the author ZZD5 bokee贵族宝贝 for everyone to talk about their own views, say well that please, be grateful! Learn from each other, common development can better help.

did not do very simple. That is not their own website content and search keywords associated with high heat. There are many people who use the search engine to search what you want every day. The highest frequency is recorded in the search search hot words. So I want to do website optimization, use the search hot words is essential. In order to obtain better search rankings, you must.

keyword is so important in website optimization, then the optimization for specific keywords and what to do? Above we know some simple techniques based on keywords of website optimization. Then we further discuss how to make full use of the web site keywords in the search engine rankings. Not everyone has the power to love Shanghai, then only the choice of Shanghai Longfeng this road. The importance of Shanghai dragon and use the station to get more original article spider. It is very important to increase the site of the original article so. Add your site original articles in the theme is more accessible to the favor of the spider. Keywords is also very important in the original article. In the original article appropriate to add keywords and related websites to get better ranking in the search. In fact, according to the method of keyword original articles website optimization is very useful. But few people do.

is very important in website optimization keywords selection. Keywords hot degree directly determines the level of traffic to your website. Want to do a good job in the website of Shanghai dragon optimization, keyword function is very large. So how to choose it website keywords. First, the choice of keywords must be consistent with the content of the web site. If you just blindly choose popular keywords, and ignore the basis of website content. It will cause into the website flow though but the quality is not high. Therefore website keyword selection must choose according to the content of the web site. For example, your website is the movie download station, then you can choose to SEI optimization keywords and movie related search keywords in the rankings. Optimization of relative film resources website is relatively easy to do. But for other types of sites can also use the same method to optimize.

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