To enhance the user experience to help the five WordPress plug in Shanghai Longfeng essential

often pay attention to other people’s blog that many blogs have some deficiencies, but some problems exist outside the template (such as: can not create a navigation column page show text in a heap, the user experience is very hurt), and some optimization details has not been done, such as many blogs purely for Shanghai Dragon and title keywords piled up, and set a column around the keywords, that does not consider the user experience, personally think that this blog is a failure, the whole blog looks like a small website, which relates to the optimization matters or a lot.

, a plug-in hunting related articles

as a Shanghai Phoenix, a personal blog is essential, because it can help us to enhance the work of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng our technical knowledge, long-term blogging can also meet many webmaster. Several more owners welcome blog theme design is very beautiful, and very suitable for the Shanghai dragon, in the fierce competition in the Shanghai dragon industry, optimization of the personal blog was hard, after all each stationmaster is Shanghai dragon personnel station not genuine goods at a fair price, optimize a set details are likely to affect the blog the.

two, Widget Logic



WordPress in every plug-in all have their own characteristics, are able to compensate for some shortcomings in the blog, or let the blog can get the better effect, but the plug-in is not perfect, site installation and more, will affect the speed of opening, the installation can only take the best effect to control. Here’s what a few necessary plug-in WordPress blog.


to find related articles plugin is the use of data mining technology, intelligent matching articles and pictures to show. Although the articles can be placed in each article by calling the point, but the plug-in is illustrated in the form of display, no doubt on the user experience and better effect, can clear and simple graphic form will remind the user’s reading desire:

Links for a website weight and keywords ranking is essential, but we find that many bloggers Links area has a defect, that is called total, Links only show OK in the home, in order to let the blog have this effect, the Widget Logic plugin to help us in this busy, you can easily to solve the Links only display on the front page of the problem, we only need to install this plugin, then click on the background in the gadget, set in the link options, adding is_home (&) in & (is_paged);;! This will be accomplished as shown in figure


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