Pay attention to your site optimization excessive yet

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2, your external links anchor text with the same keywords

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the past two years, Shanghai Dragon technology can be said to rise again, more and more leaders began to pay attention to it, even many leaders hope growth only by Shanghai Dragon technology to achieve flow. Although the Hefei recruitment network Xiaobian, Shanghai Dragon technology can bring flow, it can be the biggest disadvantage is the need for as long as possible to achieve, this is also a lot of big Boss don’t want to face up to the problem.


maybe some understanding of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners said, in fact, "excessive optimization" does not exist, only is the webmaster friends for the sake of discussion and derivative words. But as long as you can see a small series of intention, not to go! Shanghai Longfeng practitioners in the implementation of the strategy, we must understand clearly the stand inside and outside the station where can be optimized, of course, to study a set of optimization scheme is more suitable for their own, then do not need to pay attention to is to optimize the content is to achieve the ultimate, because it will produce some negative effects, such as search engine punishment

3, links from high weight website that >


if your site has the following features in the tendency, or quickly slow optimization steps or transfer of the contents of it, otherwise it will be punished in the affirmative

a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er heard a very positive effect on the weight of the chain site anchor text brings, the chain can therefore take part of the anchor text links with the so-called core keywords. Although the keyword exposure is improved, but for search engines, the same keywords too centralized use of the construction of the chain, is very likely to let the words be punished, so webmaster friends think twice oh

novice will feel, this is not supposed to do? Of course, the optimal place keywords is Shanghai Longfeng way, such as the title tags, H tags, keywords and description tags, bold, italic, internal anchor text, picture ALT attribute, the page in a paragraph of text, text, URL page, the last paragraph. If your keywords are in these places, and is called the core keywords, be punished is absolutely certain, so do not do Shanghai dragon.

1, the optimization of those places are placed on the keyword

, of course, more and more sites began their journey to Shanghai dragon, such as job hunting in Anhui, although the recent changes part very much, can optimize the site is still spare no effort to perform, a point of course need to pay attention to is that don’t optimization excessive! This is not only a small website to face the problem, all the webmaster friends in the process of website optimization, also must be careful, don’t be punished because of excessive optimization, this is The loss outweighs the gain. behavior.

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