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below for interview record:


and technology: you and friends, Hello! In 2013 Chinese Internet Conference, we are very honored to be invited to the 91 teacher’s founder and chairman Gong Haiyan Gong Zong, please Gong Zonggen and friends say hello

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this leads to consumer psychological expectations too high, some consumers online after the actual consumption, found that there is a gap between the expected feelings, which makes the consumer two times into the store consumption rate is not high.

As the founder of

spoke on the topic of business students, Gong Haiyan does not recommend early business, she said, entrepreneurship for many people only once in a lifetime, if it is too early to try, immediately faced a failure, fear, there will be second start, will find a job after a flat flat light, let oneself have enough power to blow, don’t start, so easy to give up.

carved sirloin pattern and vision is very high, the brand positioning accuracy, but there are still the following problems:

recently, the original carved sirloin COO Mu sword after leaving everyone as Hunan CEO sparked a variety of hot food industry to discuss, as many people at leisure talk, where the focus is on in the home, carved sirloin executive miracle no longer on the issue, which attracted people to constantly suspicion.

and dispatch technology: first introduce, you just launched a new enterprise platform,

91 foreign teachers

Gong Haiyan: hope to surpass oneself. That I started also like played chicken, with all kinds of efforts, is to make the company to make the best Internet site. When my goal was reached, the company went public and felt lost. I like to set myself up

Gong Haiyan: I’m doing Jiayuan at the end of the CEO, behind the day-to-day management of business again, do 91 net foreign teachers, recruit a large number of foreign students in the United States, in Chinese recruitment, teachers and students from home and school in front of the computer, student and teacher is a real time face to face, there is a whiteboard, the teacher can writing on the whiteboard, the experience and the classroom business are very similar, but it allows students to learn more freely in space.

since September last year, after the carved sirloin resorted to "raised" strokes began to silence, except for the occasional release of WeChat on the public by twos and threes in the article, seems to be carved sirloin and I have Meng wake gradually fade out of sight of consumers, but with executives leaving issue, carved sirloin and pushed in the teeth of the storm on.

founder and chairman Gong Haiyan Jiayuan founder

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Meng wake in the restaurant before opening for a half year period in beta, inviting the brightest star, KOL, Master delicacy to free tasting, light burn burn during the first half of about 10000000, have to say God carved sirloin is successful in Internet marketing, through a series of event marketing and the topic of speculation has attracted enough attention, also managed to increase brand recognition.

What is the reason for

another is due to excessive marketing to attract traffic, most consumers have curiosity, the total number of customers accounted for about 80% to 90%, after meet the curiosity of this part of the consumer will no longer come in, carved sirloin business situation tends to decline, re purchase rate is low, the Internet marketing although the effect is good, but if the food is poor, will only exacerbate the negative word-of-mouth.

carved sirloin noise after the silence, and even began to emerge as abortion has become an indisputable fact.

Jiayuan, for Gong Haiyan again founded 91 teachers intention, at the end of last year to do Jiayuan CEO, threw the day-to-day management of the main business again, hope beyond the self. find that I started is like played chicken, with all kinds of efforts, is to make the company to make the best Internet site.

Gong Haiyan: Hello, I’m Gong Haiyan!

and information technology news from August 13th to 15, 2013 China Internet Conference held in Beijing International Convention Center, the theme of this conference is to build a good ecological environment, good service network life ", the topic covers many areas of mobile Internet, e-commerce, Internet banking, big data, cloud computing, networking, IPv6, innovation and entrepreneurship etc.. During the meeting, Gong Haiyan, founder and chairman of 7 and 91 foreign teachers, was invited to receive an interview with news technology.


it is understood that the carved sirloin was founded in November 2012, in May 2013 officially opened, the main sirloin in this sub category, positioning light luxury meal, and will be locked in the target consumer groups and pay special attention to the hobby delicacy dining experience middle class body.

in the catering Starving people fill the land. market environment, Meng wake in just two months time, has realized the store restaurant floor effect and double champion over Taiwan, 60 million with two stores and obtain financing, venture capital’s valuation of up to 400 million yuan, which was to create a catering industry the miracle, which is often used as the successful integration of Internet thinking of traditional food ".

! !

and technology: we know before you are Jiayuan Jiayuan CEO, and have been very successful, what is the business goal and motivation you out of the


one, excessive network marketing and consumer expectations form a drop of

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