f one day Shanghai died in Shanghai dragon Er is still alive

, a webmaster over reliance on Shanghai Longfeng optimization and love Shanghai, will inevitably lead to the operation of the single method and profit is not stable.

because of pure technology and Shanghai Longfeng no thought, so we can through very simple labor can make a profit, resulting in many webmasters are addicted to it, the real website operation left on the maintenance of real users to give up, give up the construction site content value, give up depth the tendency of user experience, the operation mode of the website was simplified. Many webmaster will say, I will Shanghai Longfeng optimization and actual fully combine the words, in my opinion, it is not possible, because you can’t afford to bring profits to the Shanghai dragon fast temptation, you will be in Shanghai dragon can not extricate themselves. Everyone must remember the 622 2012 and 628 love Shanghai K station, the old station and the railway station of Shanghai K station is a large amount of love and.

in the Internet field, the webmaster has been optimized Shanghai Longfeng occupies all of mind and thought, it is, as long as the webmaster activities, will talk about Shanghai Longfeng optimization. The Shanghai dragon optimization, Shanghai has become the love of our God, Baidu said this is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. fully reflects the webmaster, is highly dependent on love in Shanghai. Shanghai dragon Er is not negative for the development of the network contribution is many webmaster constantly chain construction, make originally have no contact site with full contact, let the Internet content to be more abundant and fulfilling. However, the network has gradually come to maturity, the netizen participation increases, has made Internet don’t need er by Shanghai Longfeng chain construction only to fill the content. Return to the user, to guide the user to create value will be the focus of our work; we believe that the user is the true God is our belief. This paper focuses on the stand in a row if one day Shanghai died, Shanghai dragon Er is still alive this proposition, hope the webmaster correct.

since the advent of the Internet search engine, Shanghai dragon also accompanied by the. In the initial stage of the Internet, the webmaster to occupy a favorable cyber source by Shanghai dragon means, constantly get a profit, and that the Shanghai dragon optimization can provide long-term meal ticket for us. Day and night in physical labor, early in the morning to night, we enjoy watching the website daily, love Shanghai rankings, concerned about the number of the chain, the mood with website ranking and weight fluctuations. The website ranked top, we excited; a sudden drop in rankings, we tragedy. Fall down, so a pig’s way of life, but many webmaster as pretentious Station Road, recruitment, training, a batch of new path from evil can not extricate themselves. I have been attracted to Shanghai dragon magic, has been struggling to the construction of the chain, also for revenue and excited, also for the overnight ranking and devoid of anger and depression. Therefore, the author of the webmaster to indulge in Shanghai Longfeng optimization leads to life is deep.

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