Shanghai Longfeng electric district website entry optimization five note

: stop the search engine grab tool

2, Robots META label

the start of the game for a long time, the blog has been writing are of no great importance article, a friend suggested yesterday, whether you can write a special suggestions for the contest, I think this is the most practical, today will give players – Website Optimization of the five note, in order to avoid the site into the point of no return ~


two: JavaScript navigation

1, robots file, this file will use a lot of Shanghai dragon Er, including the now mainstream CMS comes with a ROBOTS file, but the file the original intention is good, in order to prevent the crawling of unnecessary files such as admin folder, but according to the experience of some friends will inadvertently, or errors in writing this the entire file, then stop the spider crawling, if business competition website has yet to be loved in Shanghai included the first to check whether the file robots

< html>

due to the electric business circle game is learning Shanghai dragon friends play, but also some extraordinary novice, so need to pay attention to JavaScript navigation, because now the spider is cannot capture these things, if you use JavaScript navigation so please note changes after viewing the

! According to the observation of the

game and no player website using flash, there should be a number of reasons, first we all had an inkling of the FLASH friendliness of spiders or the comparison of emergency no time to do more processing in >

three: too much FLASH

Robots META tag is on the page, used to tell the search engine ROBOTS to grab the page content. The specific form of similar (see BOLD):

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