The gap between the old and new domain name weight obtained from Shanghai dragon combat coating stat

snapshot is March, I think how old domain, the snapshot is so old, but the snapshot new domain with other enterprises as the next update station. Then the old and new domain name is bound in the same space, source files and data is synchronized, so cannot achieve set different keywords in two domain name. So I asked the boss for a new space, the old domain name to the new space, then began the two site optimization work.

At that time the old domain

say my new domain name is used in the same way, every day two to three article update content and several links, because the station is not high set keyword difficulty, four words have two words to love Shanghai home, the remaining two words of nano coatings and brand paint companies seem to love Shanghai and some sensitive for a long time without progress. During the Spring Festival, www.daqifang贵族宝贝 because of space issues lasting a month time open, Shanghai will be gradually included "love K light, finally even home also fell K. Over the years I came back quickly contact the customer side, immediately change a new space, after the website can be a normal visit after second days in Shanghai once again included in the home station, one of the most simple keyword ranking is restored. But after a few days in Shanghai and K fell naturally are not included, rankings, lasted for two weeks are not included again. I think this may be because before the site open to love Shanghai to trust greatly reduced the station, so the time and pay attention to the renewal of the station and the chain construction. Until finally today included back, but no ranking recovery.

from the end of December last year to now I have to concentrate on a keyword optimization coating on the website, because this is a $thirty thousand list. In fact, the thirty thousand is not high, because want to do thirteen keywords ranking, maybe then made eleven or twelve keywords to the remaining one or two words did not or not get the balance. Because customers have two names, one for 04 years, another 09 years, so I finally decided to take the words more difficult on the old domain name, easy on the remaining keywords new domain name to do.

Keywords The

keyword is relatively high when the old domain nine (the difficulty of building coating, coating, paint brand building) all done, simple keywords new domain name is a no ranking. It makes me feel deeply the new domain name and the old domain gap is too big,. The weight of love Shanghai gave the old domain than the new domain name is up to a lot, I the old domain name to stand for the title three times is not drop right, row >

old domain name nine, said it is difficult, because I was not familiar with the word segmentation technology, but also have to try. The snapshot of the old domain name is too old, I choose to use the method to update the content and links to high quality optimization, maintained almost a month later, the old domain name website snapshot update update almost every other day, the day of the articles included, ranking also has five key words in the sea love home.

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