Analysis of various business competition sites love Shanghai

Qi more found that many participating sites have emerged in this case, which I personally feel is love Shanghai server issue. Keywords a website is placed on different servers, each server updates are not synchronized, so the key update is also not the same.

this point most love Shanghai and examine the mechanism of a relationship, will filter the data on the website, this factors cannot be excluded. The impact is love Shanghai lags behind in the server cache update. This phenomenon still need to calm and perseverance.

2, love Shanghai snapshot update lag

thus love Shanghai itself and the site can cause a snapshot of the normal or abnormal. One important point but also learn from the web log analysis whether the spider love Shanghai visited your website, how to enter the website, how to grasp the website information, what the local website spider crawl to what place.

Shanghai Shanghai search program process for processing the data on the network, a specific manifestation of the index storage file data is the love of Shanghai.

This phenomenon is largely due to the

business website update generally is not a problem, whether it is the quantity or degree of originality, but the space is not stable, the revision range or external links too little will have a certain impact. The old station is generally after revision or change three labels, new words in the short term rich content, the chain do less or not timely, resulting in not updated snapshot.

1, love Shanghai snapshot not update

double snapshot phenomenon The principle of love: love

4, love Shanghai

through the most love Shanghai snapshot of the normal site observation, they stand are usually open faster, higher degree of the original and updated regularly, update the article shows the stability of spatial and quantitative timing is very necessary.

3, love Shanghai snapshot

5, normal love Shanghai snapshot

website, the space is not stable, or Links caused by abnormal. We choose a stable space with high quality is very necessary, and should always check the status of their Links, found problems in a timely manner, so as to avoid the influence of other, more detailed solutions can refer to how to solve Shanghai soon as the correction of love.

blog appeared a lot of Qi due to love Shanghai double snapshot phenomenon, home page snapshot, but the business circle in the 15 snapshot keywords. So I checked the other participating site, many sites have found that the emergence of this phenomenon, and most are fixed in the 14,15,16 3 days, there is the appearance of the snapshot there are many, here together through various snapshots appear station snapshot of Shanghai under the principle of love the understanding and solution of network.

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