Reasonable in chain optimization is the cornerstone of the website ranking

second: the establishment of the website home page link, website home page of the website is highly summarized, but also the highest weight of the page, his will directly influence the website main keywords ranking is good or bad, so it is the priority among priorities of the establishment of Shanghai dragon home link, home to fewer pictures, text links, not only convenient the search engines, but also to speed up the opening speed, enhance the user experience. On the connection must have keywords anchor text, pointing to the web page, so it can increase the density of keywords and keyword weight, in fact, Links is the reason why everyone is willing to exchange Links, first of all is to tell the search engine, many websites have used the words at me and this is my website to explain the key words the content, improve the weight of words, so we should do more on the home page Wendian anchor, but not too much. "

: first website navigation links planning, site navigation of a website is the most important place, not excessive use of flash and JS, because these are the search engine is very objectionable, if you want to use, then the bottom or side of the site, do this kind of auxiliary navigation, can make up for the loss of flash and JS, in the navigation text, I suggest to use keywords, may sometimes do not put on, so we can describe in writing, and try to use H1 tags and bold, it can tell the search engine of the importance of the word, if not pretty we can use CSS to control, so as to solve the appearance of the problem.

2, the better, the average weight of site, improve internal web site keywords ranking, is conducive to the long tail keywords ranking, while improving the site PV, so as to improve the website main keywords ranking.

Transfer of PR

a reasonable chain optimization is to ensure the long-term stability of the rankings, so that each page is a search engine to crawl, is the most basic things you can do for the website ranking. This can not only improve the search engine for your site’s reputation, but also make your web site keywords ranking has more potential to ensure your long-term stable ranking, not because of external links or change the search engine algorithm to reduce fluctuating, so before writing the site within the chain optimization tutorial, first explains the importance. Within the site chain. Usually, the site within the chain and the external links is that Shanghai dragon master is the most important work in the Shanghai dragon, in the search engine update algorithm change rapidly among sites within the chain becomes more and more important, even more than the importance of external links to the site, so the establishment of a chain will directly affect the site’s ranking, I said in the chain is established on the website of the benefits.

1, increase the degree of customer experience, good inside chain can let visitors quickly find what you want, not only can let visitors to find relevant information, but also allows the search engine to find what we want.

the small left to talk about the site within the chain is how to plan, we hope to help.

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