The benefits analysis of how to build station webmaster Resources Resource Station

we create a new web site, the general in the short term it is difficult to find someone’s home page link, only through Links, even so, it is very difficult to obtain high weight links. Because Links is a two-way link, the weight is lower than the one-way link. If a competitor has 100 sources more than high traffic website home page, or a single page, high flow theme page, high traffic directory page weight of these high link. We can’t do more than 100 Links. Even so, it is difficult to catch up with rivals.

a website to build resource station group, first we want to choose what kind of station, to know several topics to build several stations, but also to ensure that the resources station is healthy and reasonable, to do according to the formal means of optimization. Here with examples to illustrate.

many people do not understand why the station resources, resource station is not equal to the garbage station, in fact he is the biggest benefit to solve the problem of high weight chain.


we can carefully observe the taobao贵族宝贝 advertising in other places of words, it is easy to find business opportunities. If you open the 360 navigation, the right column will often have to do Taobao advertising, will be provided.

as we do is the theme of "Shanghai art school", his resource station do? We can think according to the needs of users to divide, then from the category, function, area points to refinement, such as function, can do "Shanghai music academy", "Shanghai Art Institute", "the Shanghai Dance School of art" and so on. Such as the area, we can subdivide the District of Shanghai, such as the "Shanghai Art School of Jinshan District", "Shanghai Art School of Xuhui District", "Shanghai Jingan District art school" and so on, with flow and weight for the master station. Another point, around Shanghai city we can actually do, such as "Nanjing school", Hangzhou art school, " " broaden enrollment object, the increase in traffic and guide included.

1, planning website:

so, how to build resource station, what steps and direction resources Station

product planning, such as "T-shirt", can be divided into "short T-Shirt", "T-Shirt", long sleeved "male models T-Shirt", " T-shirt; female models", "foreign trade T-Shirt", "cultural T-Shirt" and "ad T-Shirt", is in accordance with the demand for products classification. As a woman’s dress, can be divided into "dress", "dress", "skirt", "Chiffon", "miniskirt".

so our website weight is not high level, will bring a lot of adverse effects: (1) included the total will not increase; (2) the long tail keywords flow and ranking is not ideal. The weight of the inside pages from the home page, the home page without high weight, it is hard for us to get the weight, how to do, resource strategy can solve these problems.

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