Shanghai dragon every day you are tired of reading what post replies

as the Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon day will do the homework, but only limited to post repling? Do the purpose is to increase the chain. In my last article "DISCUSSION: the site outside the chain is important not important" also said that the construction of the chain is a must play a supporting role, the chain is not the most important, the most important is the site itself first with high quality content, good site navigation clear layout, internal quality and external chain the chain of high quality. But judging from the topic for the construction of the chain is the most essential daily work tired.

forum a topic "daily post, post, reply, are you tired?" a single vote for Shanghai dragon industry colleagues opinions vary, may be different cognitive. But the vast majority of people were tired, because we think this is the job to be done, even if tired also have to do, what do you think of

is the last performance check, through the webmaster tools to check outside the chain, the chain of high quality is really can have certain effect to improve the weight of the website. Make high quality of the chain is necessary but not only the choice of Shanghai Longfeng work, improve the site weight chain is not the only. Shanghai Longfeng do more, improve the site weight more things. For example, the domain name of the website for the weights of the site, age, site server stability, update website, website credibility, website content and its optimization, have an effect on the weight of the site within the chain on the site. Shanghai dragon in addition to the chain construction and important site optimization, high quality website construction.

is followed by the planning and implementation efforts, and never thought of a survey where you should class forum post repling, the plate is suitable for your post, the plate is more suitable for repling, what kind of card is the most worthy of you? Is there a serious summary that send those posts in the forum that plate effect is the best, to search engines, to play the role of the chain, to reprint, there were no serious excel record, compared to make long term, summed up what should often post in the forum replies kantie? Is there a day planned for the forum, a few back a few stickers, stickers, how to post, how to reply? A day to do summary records, check the daily results, you will have a sense of achievement, at least not tired .

why people are engaged in their daily work (post repling)


we have to.

first from the attitude we all think this is the work that must be done, and how tired do not have to continue long-term, monotonous and repetitive movements, who will bother. Why not change a point of view, with questions to see it, to see some interesting posts is not tired!!! Really! Some feel is very annoying, but feel very interesting reading.

tired? why?

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