Several factors affecting the noble Adsense advertising into the baby

first website too many invalid clicks


is more than three reason to speculate on the outcome of individual sand, do not use this as an important basis, so as to cause your loss, I am not responsible for sand; in addition, if the above sand to reason and fact for example does not match, you also see.

website traffic, click rate is not high


believe that as long as the nobles baby Adsense have a little understanding of the webmaster all know, noble baby Adsense alliance will according to the website of different types, so the display ads will not be the same, if your website is not so popular in the industry station, then you noble baby Adsense advertising price will be relatively high; however, if your site is a garbage station, so unfortunately you are not your advertising into how high proportion, are, what kind of website is the garbage station? Such as QQ website, there are relatively large film and pictures of this traffic site, general nobles baby Adsense advertising in Chengdu will be relatively low, on average, one click only about $0.02, which is far lower than those industry stand too much

!Third reasons

second websites were summed up as garbage station

If you

revenue for Google third original calendar is the click rate, we should make full use of Google alliance channel function, the low rate of click advertising are removed, leaving only the position of high click rate, do not feel bad low click rate advertising revenue, it will only reduce your income. So, in order to improve the noble baby Adsense advertising unit, the webmaster is best to find ways to improve the site traffic, because when your site click rate is high, then the ECPM (effective CPM) is higher, whereas the lower.

done noble baby Adsense webmaster all know, even if your website content and the visitors are the same, but the proportion of advertising is not the same (some may know what is divided into advertising, in fact you can put into understanding click price, want to know the proportion it can go to Google advertising management background then, find the personal information of the following view), and the percentage of! The reason is like may be many, but the sand or to a list of three common reasons:

The influence of

this noble baby Adsense had many invalid clicks on the ad, it seems like not what, at most is not charging only, but in fact it will affect you into your plan, originally advertising into proportion is eighty percent, the results are too many invalid clicks, your ads into public will fall into sixty percent or lower, so, if the owners do not want to let their own noble baby Adsense advertising into a decline in the proportion, it is best not to make too many invalid clicks

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