Shanghai dragon chain chain 99% to combat the experience of his hair


believe that we now know that the forum signature is invalid, even A5 has canceled the forum signature, many people have in order to be able to in the A5 forum with the signature chain purchase invitation code to register. Then to the inside with a signature with the top post, weight of an ordinary page itself is not much, a bunch of people to go to the top. Finally, you can imagine how much weight to? How many PR? Even if you own the post with links, there will be a large group of people against the links with

3. love Shanghai official products


before I do is love and experience of Shanghai library, Shanghai love their weight official products are relatively high. In this way the present form relative threshold ratio >

1. forum signature

as a Shanghai dragon Er, recently found himself for a long time did not publish any articles about Shanghai dragon industry. The weather is sunny today, although a little hot hot, but very good mood. Specifically the pen write this article! This article is based on the ZAC in the course of one part of the content and the actual results summed up. Don’t pull away, directly below the share of

99% no matter where the embodiment of

Reviews work!The chain

through high quality original articles written by their own contribution to get outside the chain, but also can give users valuable information, users feel the value of the content, will give you a recommendation or forwarding and some websites to collect content, through such a cycle can get many high quality of the chain. The main page or whether their submission to be forwarded after the page is mostly a page only a few links to the weight distribution is quite high.


do not know if you have not done blog, blog made shoes all know my blog occasionally there will be some people use mass software reply much to your blog, most of them are some English font. If you look at, or use the tool out you will find those who see small font English inside is actually contains a link inside. The second is the number of Chinese font is also a link. The hair on top of this chain of people I want to say: "you are not stupid". Now the blog reply basically are tagged with nofollow tags module, meaning I would not say

with classified information website

2. blog

2. B2B

Most of the

the remaining 1% works where

in addition to the above submission mode we can also choose some B2B website or classified information website to publish their own web site, released here on the platform of the article basically is a separate page, the inside of the link is less. At the same time also can give their own website promotion

!The source of the chain

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