Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee depth interpretation of love on the chain judgment

1, clearly tells us to love Shanghai "


will officially enter the interpretation, long Yu interpreted in the screenshot annotated mode in "on the chain" judgment begins, love Shanghai Lee has given us by reading this article to understand what content.


3, how to determine the problem is the chain, love Shanghai analyzed a large number of examples, summarizes the characteristics of the characteristics of the garbage outside the chain, so that the general criteria should be correct, but does not rule out the fire situation.

Long Yu has been marked the important content, through this article, Lee or thinking to tell some of what we love Shanghai, first read the article, first, we can understand some judgment principle of love Shanghai on the outside of the chain; second points, we can understand the problems in the mainstream chain the chain of garbage and the difference of cheating in the chain, and the treatment principle of love Shanghai. And third, Lee lists some actual cases, to help us determine whether your site has the same problem chain, finally give the correction.

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2, Shanghai to love junk the chain and cheat the chain have different criteria, and different treatment principles.

this part is a summary of the contents of the whole document, this is Webmaster Platform always send the article, because the whole article is long, but also for visitors to grasp the core content of the article is very helpful, basically similar to the four navigation Title sums up the whole article focus.

first put this "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee on the chain decision" to give you read the address, to facilitate reading analysis: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/160

in April 25, 2013, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee published an article in dragon feather seems by far the most important, this is the love of Shanghai about the garbage outside the chain and the chain cheating judgment method, so far, did not see any Shanghai Longfeng communities of detailed interpretation, but we know that for a a web site and the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon Er, in addition to the station, the construction of the chain is the most important part in the daily work, this article and love Shanghai Lee hair has a very important significance for the construction of the chain after Shanghai dragon Er, so it is very necessary to make a interpretation. The interpretation by the world economy and Shanghai dragon dragon feather business platform, improper welcome criticism.

1, through the above points, the basic can know love Shanghai now the chain is divided into two categories, one is the chain is no problem, another problem is the chain, and the chain, the most important is the love hate Shanghai should be garbage chain and the chain of cheating.

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