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weight 0~1

weight 1~2


from zero to a weight weight, is actually a very simple thing, many people can do not know, we have found in Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query a love related to Shanghai, one of the key words, I believe many people before, but it must pass through, must have index of the word and the word to pass, you also have a website ranking. As far as I know a word index ranked in the top fifty by submitting keywords by weight can reach a.

Although This article from Changsha where

love Shanghai officials have repeatedly stressed that no weight said, but still found a lot of people care about love in Shanghai to be able to check the data of weight, so a few, a lot of people don’t care what, here to talk about how to increase the weight is. This article represents only the personal views, not only has the authority, give you a reference.

weight 1~2In fact, the

from the weight of one to two is a process, in a certain period of time in the optimization of a website that love Shanghai traffic forecast when beating in the 98~102 between the weight between 1~2 beats, according to a week of data analysis found that your love Shanghai traffic arrival your natural weight 100 to reach 2

maybe our website main keywords index is very high, the short-term optimization does not go up, but we can use the inside pages to do some competitive heat low, so the ranking is up, you will be able to reach a weight of.

method for weight 1 up to 2 are many, this depends on our optimization technique, in fact, optimization methods comprehensive department’s website, is nothing more than two kinds, one is on the long tail word to get traffic there is a direct brand image to promote our website through the brand, I I believe many people are aware of the role of the chain on the current stage has less effect, more just to attract spider. Through the long tail words to get traffic is short-term development, long term competitive heat, get more Many a little make a mickle. ranking we can certainly get more traffic. As for the long-term development of the company, we are more focused on brand publicity, like the chain of our work is no longer with us. The link, but with the name of our company.

for the optimization method, this article will not say more, the weight is only a reference value only, different industries have different needs, such as some of the industry’s traffic is so big, itself can not be more than. So we don’t go to care about these rankings for some industries we care we need to focus on the good. Small and medium enterprises is more for + natural ranking. It can not only save time but also can achieve good results.

weight 0~1

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