The price of Shanghai dragon Philosophy

. battlefield?As for the

Webmaster: a large groups of organisms to survive in the Internet era, there are a few owners do not understand the Shanghai dragon, now the Shanghai dragon value for the webmaster, we use in what place, what is not used in the right place, this is not to discuss the reality of. Shanghai dragon thought because 90% of the webmaster every day in the study does not value, but were forced to price.

two new battlefield Internet:

. One of the common manifestations of the Internet Shanghai Longfeng price:

pull so much, Jane Shanghai Longfeng is expected to do a meaningful thing to yourself and the time, life is short, want to make a small thing on the Internet is not so easy, if you want to have a new life value, it.

certainly has a good case, but failure is accounted for more than 90% of Internet, then you can say that this is false? Here is not knowledge change destiny, here is a change in the Internet Internet and increase the number of garbage Porter created price gives him more value.

price response value, value of derivative prices, now value as we know is the Shanghai dragon in the gold rush era of gold like Mr, because of what, because we can’t see him fast hope of survival and the value of money. Because the value of performance is always very slow, in this fast time value of living space is very narrow, the price instead of the offbeat webmaster survival value.

has a good ranking, we can start to act to save themselves, but did not really have Shanghai Longfeng quality, money to our rich life, we learn to Thanksgiving, but has no real value of Shanghai dragon, so Shanghai dragon taught us about how the Internet is a new survival and third quality, the new value for Shanghai dragon again to save another confused webmaster. Which part of Shanghai dragon became another price product, called the strength of the loading force master.

but not too pessimistic, Jane Shanghai dragon to remind you that good things always need your taste, true love exists in common, the real value of big data exists in the normal, this is the Internet to a small revelation to us, so we still have 90% drunby opportunities, also the remaining 10% is the strength value. So the opportunity is still very large, as for how to create a big chance I bet you of Shanghai dragon also know how to act.

but the strength is indeed the Internet is now a new battlefield, Jane Shanghai dragon to remind you that the strength of the way there is a 90% chance, but you need to pay 90% of life time, but not many people in this battlefield, would you like to do such

has a full range of Shanghai dragon system knowledge, but we are in the same work of migrant workers in Shanghai Longfeng, called edit and promotion.

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