The PR value update date forecast 2013


for 2010, 2011 and 2012, the PR value of the update data, with Google database, Google updates the PR value also slowly began to stabilize, basically can be expected to be updated every three months, but would like a regular annual 2011 update, Google also need to continue to observe the next step.

is a web site for the PR value of Google’s rating, the higher the level of the website more popular. Webmaster for the PR value of the degree of concern is no less than love Shanghai weight, even when the exchange of Links, PR value is will be in the first place. In 2012 the PR value larger update 4 times, once in February, three in May (a small update), August, November, the last update was in November 8th. According to this year’s PR update data, the PR value update about once every three months, are updated in the first month. The website is updated in August 3rd April, PR updated to 3. 2012 basically PR is not updated, the update of the PR value of the 2013 forecast.

We first look at the 2012

according to the forecast will have 4 major updates in 2013 updated for the first time at the beginning of the February, update the date of the year is February 7th, the first time the PR value update in 2013 is expected to be in February 4th to February 10th, the first is the first time in November 8, 2012, about three months, the second is 2012 February 7th is a big update. So the first update should be in February 4th to February 10th.

in 2011 is not the PR value of the update rule, until the beginning of November in small changes from January, except in October 8th, close to one hundred percent of the update, the rest is slightly updated, but there were no rules.

2010 is a small range of update, the highest was 12%, less than half of 2011 and 2012 update, of course, in 2010, Google cleared the PR value of the site, after the re start the update, perhaps is the beginning of instability, so there is no large-scale update.


PR update benchmark:

look at the 2010 PR update benchmark:

second update, in early May, is expected in May 4th to May 10th, in 2012 May, the PR value update, Google.

has 4 major updates, take a look at the following 2011 PR update indicator:

Through the above

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