Let the web content be quickly collected five points should be paid attention to

three, website

The weight of

general, a stable website I personally recommend a week timing quantitative update content, it can reach a very good collection.

Shanghai dragon knows the weight of the website for the record is a great influence, in the high weight of the site, the "second" is very common. An article in the same article, into two different weights on the site, in terms of speed is the same.

a website or do Shanghai Longfeng people know that the success of a web site is included in the site depends on the content of the site is search engine soon included, is each person’s wish station. But, sometimes, we write something on the web, but not included, this is why

website code

, a high quality content

many people know the impact weight update frequency of a web content on the web site, but do not know the update frequency is also influential for the website included. A stable website, search the spider every day from time to time to our website to go up, if we want to website content is very fast to be included, to ensure that your site in the empty timing quantitative update is a must.


so, we do soft Wen promotion, must take the original first put the first overnight in your own website, and then put it into the soft website, so the search spiders have time to collect their own website, otherwise will be included for their site influence.

website now there are so many websites every day, the spider to climb the site we have lost count of the number, it also saw a lot of things, but it came to our site is to find more and better content, if our website for it is not high quality or is not fresh, the it is not included.


here, I will summarize some experiences that search engines should pay attention to the rapid collection of web content, we hope to help:

many people may ask, there is relationship between code and website of equivalent? This is certain. Many webmaster will use the CSS style to do their own websites, think it will be very good, but good rules look good, do have to use a string of code. When the spider to our site, see a lot of CSS style code to retrieve, that it would be a waste of time for it.

two, website

so, in our website content, must to focus on high quality content, the content of the website must have originality and readability, only such content can be regarded as a high quality content, the search engine will love, to the user is also very good resources, users will love the.

Update frequency of