Learn to stand group thought one station in a keyword

complained that the stand number of webmaster site ranking has not decreased, but a number of trends. This is not to blame love Shanghai, as Google and other search engines, but the standing group of technology development speed of search engine in the development of spam technology. Since the station group can always get good rankings, there are many worthy of our study, we introduce the stations in a station corresponding to a key idea.

back to the topic, a station of a keyword, and even a stand a long tail keywords are not exaggerated. Why is a station of a keyword, this is not a waste of resources? Why stations such method can make each keyword get good rankings? The reason is very simple, just one sentence: love Shanghai for Quan Zhongyuan than in website home page weight. See, a common website home page keyword ranking keywords easily more than a high weight website page ranking, this is when we use love Shanghai to search keywords, see the majority of the site’s home page ranking, rarely see better. If the keyword competition is not strong, and the long tail keywords, you use a stand to do the key results as can be imagined.


use a single keywords or long tail keywords to make a stand of the main keywords, can be achieved than using web site page >

If you think the

use station, related keywords and long tail keywords, keywords analysis of what you want to do better, more complete the better, you can use the love Shanghai index or other payment instruments. As the 1 to 3 keywords or long tail keywords as a web site keywords in the station group to do, you’re not wrong, this website will only do these one or two words, even the long tail keywords. Well, sure the words, you can use the station automatically to other content, including the content of the website and the link building (station link building function has evolved, the love of Shanghai is not easy to detect, this paper discussed within). You can see hundreds of your keywords in Shanghai love home a few months (for each station using relevant keywords, different stations between stations, and competition is not too large) le mouth flowering.

stations is more content the same websites also have good ranking, you are already behind too much. Some stations have not the same keywords more than one station, but for a number of related keywords, each keywords make a stand. Online titled "the history of the strongest love Shanghai Taobao optimization expert guest about 5000 precise long tail all love Shanghai home" article, do not know true and false, but it can be realized, and the use of stations to achieve, that’s for sure. How did he do it? The answer for you.

station is a key factor for successful practice is to stand in front of the group, has emphasized the selection related keywords to do stand group, and this correlation is standing group the success of another factor, continue to focus on A5, this article will introduce the idea of a relationship between stations.