Keywords enterprise website should be how to choose

first, here to introduce why corporate website to choose keywords (the case as a case, the author took reference): for example, you do care brown sugar sugar factory, the brand name is "cane Township People" company name "Hejin Tianfu Trading Co. Ltd., we believe that if the" Hejin Tianfu Trading Co. Ltd. "to the first page for the ranking? The answer is yes. There will be some sales?. But, to meet the two prerequisites: first, the big brands like Haier, DELL, All the world knows., millet, most people know. Second, the Internet famous network propaganda. More than two many companies are not up to so will choose a number of good words, the key is very important.

second: the difficulty just said in choosing key to ensure people search, but the search precision that someone on the line, the flow of words make up more slowly (the premise here is not to say that do not, but doing it is not so easy to consider a lot of things. For example, human capital, resource and time without considering the changes of the algorithm) here you can slowly to do some easy words, slowly raise some do big station station station do do content, structure and practice of different station.

enterprise website should be how to choose? There are many business owners on the Internet to do a certain enterprise website on the Internet a day, how much profit, feel good, also made their own website, Shanxi Shanghai dragon Er treasure see a lot of companies at the beginning of the site, only know to do a business brand word, and not their products into the enterprise website, can also be understood as not to participate in the platform of network marketing, so many websites do a website not feel what sales, not what two years have not received an order, to the final site will give up, don’t use what the server name will not renew until the site closed. The Shanxi Shanghai dragon treasure Er to introduce a "key enterprise website should be how to choose" still goes the following only Shanxi Shanghai dragon Er treasure for reference only, not new statements of a school.


third: precise flow: the website ranking is up, the flow up, how to improve the conversion rate of the site is very important, how to improve the site conversion rate is a lot of influence, here to talk about the effective flow for the website conversion rate, if the enterprise is "health sugar wholesale", so if checks >

Keywords ?

: the first one: search in choosing key to make sure there were no one search, search words, do it is useless, there is made out of words to be precise, here cite a simple example: "if Hejin Tianfu Trading Limited" is the word "health sugar wholesale" and "huipjiol" which will be

so enterprises should be how to choose the key words