Luna chubby concise user experience of tiger bar

used in the construction site, a lot of people love with message to reflect, and now more QQ or online customer service solutions, a service of online reviews is more and more we recommend, but more chat, can use simple text, pictures, or shortcut, allowing users to more the comments, expression or complete their own ideas, enhance the user experience at the same time, save the time of users.

said here a little more useful to users, is the greatest value, such as some stocks, lottery station, real-time requirement is very strong, and some real exchange rate, such as news, but some fans need the first hand information about the site, so the station must show the user is the most effective, the most valuable information, will be able to retain him, of course, keep him, he is also very loyal to use your station.

network for users, the most important is simple, convenient, save time, and if your site open very slowly, or find something very slow, which users will be more love to visit your station, so more Shanghai dragon ER in web interface design, the user will need more attention to the information on the significant position, let users find it more convenient, more simple, for example, the main services, main products, customers pay attention to the latest news, can use the most convenient way to display to the user, allowing users to more easily access to.

concise three: user exchange more convenient.

for search engines, spiders are important tools, and how to attract the spider, let all the catalogue and page spider site is smooth traversal is an important problem, and why more and more webmaster website design into a flat structure, the website design into three layer architecture, and why there are so many the special page, let the spider can through the single page more direct access to the underlying directory, but after all, is the embodiment of a concise, similarly is the domain name and path more simple, more convenient for users to remember, but also more willing to enter the site to open the site.

concise two: user access to more simple, more useful.

simple one: for simple user spider.

short, the complexity of the work to us, for programmers, and the right to use the most concise, the best experience, the most valuable information available to the client, I think no one will refuse to users of this website, I hope this advice can help us progress, development together, this article.

for site conversion, yesterday in the "Luna fat: the user conversion rate is low, the common stumbling block mentioned some problems, and today I want more Shanghai dragon Er say a word, in fact, the user experience is the foundation to improve the conversion rate, and enhance the user experience better is a word that is" simple ", today to share a concise understanding of Luna xiaopang.