Love Shanghai restore included my site experience

I think many webmaster flow mostly from the search engine, of course, does not exclude the part of the site is not entirely dependent on the search, and search in China, non love belong to Shanghai, even if your site in Google ranking how good I want to also not too big, or the most awesome love Shanghai. But if one day you love Shanghai website was not included, how to do, I experienced it in a few days ago.

my site set up time for about two years, but there has been no attention too, and the beginning of April, I want to do a good job in this concentrated station, thus increasing the intensity of the optimization, so that the flow quickly risen from less than one hundred to more than 2000, most of which are from the flow of love Shanghai, so I have some income, but also feel income are not enough, so it has increased the intensity of the optimization, increase the advertising bit. Suddenly one day, on April 13th, I found that I love Shanghai no longer included, I asked a lot in the group, and in the online search, others give a lot of suggestions, including the Shanghai dragon is not excessive, is not being collected to be punished, or other web site a virtual host is not violations, or love Shanghai recently is not normal to wait, these suggestions I has carried on the investigation or testing.

first look at the first point, Shanghai dragon over, I carefully recalled, as if there was an article keywords to stack some more, but I feel it should meet the standards, there is my head of each article are added to the daily anecdote four words, I think is not the reason, so I put seemingly offending Posts deleted, and the majority of the daily anecdote four words removed after a few days in Shanghai or ignore me; then I see second points, is not being collected, I began to view your PV, almost no sudden increase of traces, and the website log, no short time has been repeatedly access traces, it is a wonder, but they have started to look at other stations in a virtual host, look for a long time did not see what was wrong, so it is thought to be love Shanghai recently it is not normal, he was wounded, and may be good, but 7, 8 days, or not, this time I heard people say love Shanghai statistics try, I began to use, there are test Shanghai dragon, I hit 64 points, that "in no ALT img tag information" and "non static web spider crawling caused by repeated, so I began to solve these two problems, after solving the one or two days later, or not, I really Speechless, chose to give up.

day, I suddenly think of it, I want to love Shanghai and Google ads are added three, this is a six page advertising, is not because of the love of Shanghai caused resentment, so I put advertising reduced by three, and Google love Shanghai add up to three, I wake up in the morning of the third day, with the tools of check, actually also included the start, really makes me happy.


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