Small and medium sized enterprises how to deal with the love of Shanghai 2 to upgrade the hardware

website structure optimization

so we talk about "today hardware" – that is, the website should be how to upgrade.


17 forum for Jingan marketing website to do, is to spend more easily than others website optimization to love Shanghai home. Mainly because of the following characteristics (I put the bottom out to see:

although the free flow of Jingan more, but the characteristics of 2 kinds of promotion has not changed. The accurate flow can quickly bring paid promotion, network marketing is the key to winning fast; free promotion is very gradual, slow days and months multiplying. So the king insisted to pay + free combination of promotion. Pay promotion control in 80 yuan, due to the ability to undertake the website is good, every day there are more than 10 enquiries, sales tracking.

To make the search engine more love

thus, search engine rules, whether it is paid or free competition is more intense. Traffic costs rise, the enterprise website hardware "– more demanding. The first search engine to love, easier to optimize the search engine home page, has attract traffic function; second more customers love, to undertake precious flow better, inquiry into.

so as to enhance the ranking of words and ensure the stability of 17 ranking, push the construction of the forum marketing website station static, and can be customized.

2) independent Shanghai dragon page optimization, every detail page.

because the static page has a fixed,.Htm,.Html,.Shtml and other common form of the suffix URL, and does not contain "

1) are used in the 17 push forum took 5 years, spend millions of funds to build the system architecture. This set of software architecture through a number of certification, more suitable for search engines;

2, 7

yesterday there are 17 members of the forum to push their herd, is the professional construction equipment rental, because love Shanghai happy tight rules. They are Changsha King Building, because recently found responsible for web site operators to promote the free flow is n times of pay. Love Shanghai search "scaffolding" on the home page to find the king of the building.

) ?";

1. the total static page.

scaffold is popular products, intense competition and comparison. Before the love of Shanghai home basic is for promotion, and love Shanghai know, Wikipedia and other products occupy the love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon do good king only came in second page. Now the advertising is reduced, because of the long-term accumulation of Shanghai dragon, not to spend money for it can be routed to the Shanghai home of love. I love Shanghai adjustment is good news for him.

each static pages are stored in the server on a separate file; so static web content is relatively stable, so it is easy to search engine.

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