Quiz application platform in Shanghai dragon in

1, from the first account to start, account registration is the best Chinese, but to know no association with other account.

said the following situation under my account:


question answering platform mainly, love Shanghai know, Soso Ask, question and answer, YAHOO knowledge hall, Iask and so on, but most of us do is love Shanghai, I love Shanghai as an example to know your point of view:

love Shanghai know to ask questions, to pay attention to the quality of our first question, there are questions not too much like advertising, the amount of attention. Here I believe we all know I do not explain.

on the network there are many areas in which we have no access to the network promotion, have a long way to go, hope you to

want to help

3, IP, this I feel I know not essential, registered account, question and answer with a IP now, no matter what, but for the sake of safety, or for the best IP.


1, love Shanghai know is very strict on the new account audit questions.

love Shanghai know at all inquiry platform in the highest weight, of course, love Shanghai for their products is certainly love. Love is a piece of Shanghai know Feng Shui advertising, everybody wants to be in a place for this. But now the love of Shanghai has increased the intensity of management know. Many problems have been removed, now more than 2 questions will be deleted. We work hard to do. Here we first talk about love in Shanghai know when the questions which pay attention to:

2, love Shanghai know the observation time of the new account, which I just guess.

thank you for your cooperation! !In this paper, by

2, the problem, some time ago and the group master do some experiments in the group master as we all know, I will not mention, ask 2 words the same problem in a new account, it’s easy to delete a problem, while the two completely unrelated problems in the same account in question, one will not be deleted. I think we all know what’s happening!

Alex, Johnson Optoelectronics (贵族宝贝ledqs贵族宝贝) network series published, welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you

I have a few questions account 3 key words the same topic, one will not be deleted, but some questions are an account will be deleted, according to this situation, I have registered several new accounts, new accounts for 1. But the question question 2-3 will be deleted, for this very confused. Think there are several reasons:


do not explain the

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