Talk about the importance of the site from the original pay New Year’s call SMS


if by speculative way to getting the original, or to let the love of spiders in Shanghai included, can be used in a simple way, that is to bring in a Chinese article, translated into Japanese, and then translated into German, Spanish, English >

has written more than a year is the site of the original article, particularly sensitive to the original two words, a large number of similar messages, have lost the vision of freshness. The website optimization, the original is an important aspect of love, Shanghai spiders have to copy is not interested, and we are in a New Year greeting message duplicate these magnificent article, do people taste unexpectedly as a machine? Maybe I the idea of some extreme.

this article also said a way, is to spend tens of dollars, to Witkey platform to collect, can collect out dozens of article "original articles", this seems like a good way, but carefully calculate, tens of dollars for dozens of articles, an original article but a few dollars. Even one yuan is not that can collect high quality of the original article? What is more, to see the Witkey bounty is so low, simply copy a come over. Kobun ever see a webmaster used this way in the article Witkey solicitation, and QQ and his private chat, the owners complained: "the arrangement of the article is better than original than to write their own articles are tedious……" Don’t respect Witkey, do not respect the original, in fact, is not responsible for their own website.

to write the original article site for many webmaster, is a very difficult thing, so some people began to look for shortcuts, kobun just still see a experience of how to write false original article, the article said English website to translate an article, tidy, is a false original, the method is very creative, but the translation of the article on the meaning expression is vapid, readability is certainly not high.

? The reason is very simple, these messages are copied, flowery but lose the truth, in my opinion, this message is just do things carelessly, more like a deal with a job. The message is back, I thought, can not think of these exciting statements, finally, only wrote "happy rabbit in four words, though brief, this is my original

in website optimization occupy a very important position, take the Spring Festival, some evaluation content to the Sina Web site to see the show, almost every little detail of the Sina editors did not miss, like a sigh, Lin Chiling, the uncle of a second "dew point" is a piece of news…… Some of these news lace, have attracted many online browsing comments, this is the power of the original.

mobile phone SMS pay New Year’s call, has become a habit, from the beginning of year thirty, Acer paper has received many of these messages pay New Year’s call SMS, pay New Year’s call is very exciting, but I also did not look carefully, also my daughter-in-law also received many similar messages she will even pay New Year’s call, the most wonderful to me mobile phone, I did not see.

The original I don’t see why

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