The chain is not only the failure forum you did wrong method

first, find the relevant forum

The content of

is the highest in the middle of the link weight content, like those related articles, popular articles link weight template that is very low. Only when the content is inserted into the middle of the link is the highest weight. But the general forum management strictly, can not let you want to insert a link will insert a link so simple. If you can not be serious to delete posts, advertising cup with a title. So if you insert a link in the middle of it must be "soft". This is a soft soft soft. Let others look not advertising, but a very valuable and can really help a link to another, the very nature of the. The only way we will identify the link, plus others click this link will become more valuable, remember also wrote a "only let people click on the chain is the high quality of the chain". If it is not the "soft power" in the words that you can later in this article with a copyright link.

In fact, the best effect is the link of

you may ask the signature set what is difficult? Of course, setting a personal signature is not what difficult, but if you want to set may have one click on the not so easy, in fact, when I see the forum mixed too many people signed simply link personality never let people click on the idea. In fact, the front also told you said, only let users click on the link will have a higher weight, this is I >

is currently the chain in our web site keywords ranking has a pivotal position, we Shanghai dragon Er most of the time spent in the construction of the chain. The character signature forum outside the chain is also one of our most important source of the chain, and when I go to the forum found a lot of personality signature chain there are a lot of misunderstanding, that is to do a lot of useless. So now many people say that search engine reduces the weight of the chain forum. In fact, not the forum outside the chain search engine right down, just your operating error. Today I have to express their views on the forum signature and the operation of how to make the forum outside the chain can be outside the chain of high quality. I hope everyone criticism.

forum chain is best to find out the related forum, because of the correlation in the search engine algorithm is one of the most important. If it is not related to industry, would greatly reduce the weight of your. If you find the relevant forum, but also find related pages, only the most relevant section also can play a maximum value. If you post in some related pages, then the link weight decreased, bad luck will get you the moderator to delete posts, if a good moderator, then he will send you the post shift to the relevant section, in fact, these are the most basic, we must pay attention to.

second, add a link in the requirements of

third, the signature set

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