The basic ability of professional workers must have the Shanghai Dragon

The basic ability of an independent Shanghai Longfeng worker

4, the webmaster tools. The data is Shanghai dragon worker website optimization effect evaluation basis, and points out the direction of optimization needs to be improved to a certain extent. The source of these data is a variety of webmaster tools. Keywords heat, each competition and ranked Shanghai Longfeng every day were recorded and analyzed, each value of the chain also requires careful observation, so as to accumulate more efficient chain resources. Long term observation and analysis of the data is the further development of efficient optimization strategies. Therefore, the basic ability to use webmaster tools and data analysis is necessary in Shanghai Longfeng workers.

above is my summary must have. On the basis of this.

3, the program and art ability. Whether to build their own websites use what kind of background, unified website style often can not adapt to the nature of every industry. Companies often modify the ready-made templates according to their own needs, or change the website appearance, or add module on the site somewhere, it is in order to better show their own business characteristics. This requires Shanghai Longfeng workers must know the basic knowledge of art and programming background. CSS+HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver should be a required course for every worker in Shanghai dragon.


2, the chain construction ability. The industry is saying the content is king, the chain for the emperor. In the premise of the station for the editing, the chain construction is another pillar supporting the survival of the site. For the professional Shanghai Longfeng workers, the construction of the chain need to grasp the depth of the chain and the degree of correlation. The chain depth is outside the chain platform as is the high weight and high quality, because this chain can make their own web site also points to the weight of relatively high. At the same time, the best in the chain and their related strong platform above, in order to own website information classified search engine better.

with the popularity of e-commerce, many traditional industries have also invested into the network marketing network promotion tide, the increasing demand of talents. Today, the units and individuals to provide professional services such as the Shanghai dragon like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in Shanghai on both sides of the Changjiang River, Longfeng workers has become an increasingly large group. Professional workers in Shanghai Longfeng can help enterprises to open up a space for one person in the fierce competition in the Internet market. Then, a professional Shanghai Longfeng workers should have what the basic ability of

1, net capacity. The website is a website to optimize the editing ability is the basic ability of personnel. No matter what industry, give you a web site must be able to quickly add to the site in the station. The title of the article, write three meta tags, keywords and keyword density distribution to grasp skilled enough. At the same time, the article must have a certain degree of the original, the basic requirement is to let the search engines, and can let the reader smoothly, and obtain the required information from.

Use and data analysis capabilities of

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