Adhere to a month to fly the website snapshot

1, as the saying goes, the content is king, the chain for the emperor, the two site must be done, this is not good, what speed up the love Shanghai snapshots are nonsense, the original content is a must, do not need much, fixed a few article every day is enough, the best in a certain period of time fixed love, love Shanghai more regular website. Other reprint, or false original some articles feature, as long as the total is not collected on the line, the total acquisition is not taking snapshots, consider what is love when Shanghai right down. Although the love of Shanghai collection of articles reprinted the will but not be bored, not included, after all, the original did not so much. The chain must also be sent every day, because the spider crawling in other sites, see the link will follow the link to grab another site, so the chain is very important. According to the different website articles should be appropriate, to various forums, blogs, classification of information, love Shanghai know the hair of the chain, try to make the site outside the chain of variety, love Shanghai spiders love fresh, if every day in a few forums, blog, spider would be bored, as far as possible write some text, put a link, reprinted many people, the chain is more, more than the chain spider climb take a dozen times, snapshots are also more likely to go up. It is.

had just started doing it a few years ago the Shanghai dragon, I want to cry, especially when the exchange of Links, when I took over the site snapshot generally in the 10-14 days hovering nearby, included in the 4000 or so, the ranking is also good, but because the snapshot problem, with others are quite difficult to exchange links in particular, with a snapshot of the next day or the day, people want to do not want to directly refuse, very awful. I found included snapshot, data for a similar change, change is not so much changed, because is eager to improve website snapshot, so only think of other ways, I was wronged to find a few 1000 included about the snapshot, or the last few days, we think of complementary next, did not think they actually are not willing to anger, this will not change, think impassability, began to look up information about quickly enhance their snapshots, also made a lot of methods, finally put up the snapshot, accept me after that website snapshot basically no more than 7 days and summarizes some of their own experience.

snapshot of what I do not have much to say, do not know to love Shanghai. Love not what their role in Shanghai, the equivalent of "love in Shanghai has a file only, the page is deleted or chain can open a snapshot can see love Shanghai. It is significant in that it represents the love of spiders in Shanghai often take us to climb up the web site information, enhance the snapshot have very good effect on the website. Of course I do not love Shanghai more near, does not mean that the website ranking is better, it only represents the love of spiders in Shanghai often take up our website, faster included on our website for updates on the website, the long-term development of good, has a direct impact on the site included. Here is a snapshot of love Shanghai improve their views.

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